UK’s BBC Changing Name To Avoid Confusion About Programming Content

The truth is right in front of you

The United Kingdom’s “British Broadcasting Corporation” has proudly operated as the region’s main provider of news and entertainment on both radio and television for over 75 years. It has developed from one initial radio station to over a dozen programming channels split between the two media.

The name, abbreviated as “BBC”, has never changed. It has been constant throughout the years, recognizable by people around the world.

But that is all about to change, as, in recent years, many of those who tune into their stations seem to be expecting something else. This “something else” is causing corporation executives to pull out their hair in frustration and disgust.

One such executive, the flawless beauty of a Vice-President of Marketing, Satya Martin, expressed their concerns:

“We receive multiple complaints each and every day – in the thousands – from potential viewers who tuned in and were disappointed with what they saw. They always expect some sort of lewd reference to a male appendage, not the news and quality entertainment that we offer.

It is for this reason that the BBC will officially change its name and it’s call letters in the near future to ones that will avoid any misinterpretation. At that time, we will become known as the “Anglo Telecommunications Mission”, or “ATM.”

For the last time everyone, for the love of God, the BBC is not an adult entertainment service! Get your filthy minds out of the gutter!”

The change is expected to take place by summer of 2020. We are sure the ATM will be an enjoyable venture.