Illinois Prosecutor Investigating 3 Dead Former Obama Aides Calls For Grand Jury

Detective Lars Tolbut of the Illinois State Police took a strange homicide case a few years back — and he thinks he might finally have a break. Three young men, all of whom knew each other and were active political strategists, ended up missing for more than 3 years. Their bodies were discovered in such decay that they couldn’t be identified without DNA, which took more than 18 months to get back.

Now, there is definitive proof that the three men were all working for Obama’s 2008 campaign, and that they were most likely in a four-way open relationship with him. Michelle was most likely Michael Worbleton, the one man left in the image that isn’t dead.

The State Attorney, Stuart Boll, says he has enough to assemble a grand jury under the state’s Mandatory Jury Mandate Laws and Redundant Juror Mandates precedent, upheld by the local, state, supreme and several other courts. Those rules state that there has to be enough physical evidence to bring a jury to listen to the evidence presented to determine if there’s enough to charge someone with a capital crime. If Obama is charged with sex crimes in Kentucky, he’ll also have to answer for murder in Illinois. If he’s charged with racketeering in Nevada, he’ll more likely have to face the death penalty.

Everything will hinge on what the jury does and doesn’t believe from Mueller’s FBI, which might swing things in Obama’s favor. Luckily, this isn’t the state’s only option. They can still charge Obama with lying on his taxes and cheating on those school forms with a fake name to get free tuitionĀ and food stamps.

Either way, it looks like Barry Soetoro Obama is going to have to finally answer for at least some of his crimes. Unless he’s as careful and slippery as the Clintons, our sources say he’s going down hard.

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