Trump Threatens Barista With Impeachment After Latte Screw-Up

The truth is right in front of you

Joe Barron was in awe when the President of the United States walked into the Starbucks where he worked as a barista. Even more honored to have the opportunity to prepare the triple grande, extra sweet, extra hot, caramel vanilla latte with whip that the President ordered. But after the slightest error in preparation, that honor was replaced with chilling fear.

Joe forgot to put on the whipped cream and Trump was outraged. He began to rant, calling Joe a “failed barista” and calling him names like “incompetent” and “worthless”. Then came the most terrifying blow as Trump walked out the door:

“You won’t have this job for long. You should be impeached! I impeach you!”

President Trump, under pressure of an impeachment inquiry himself, has been lashing out lately. Feeling unjustly singled out, the president has been heard to threaten many others, saying they are incompetent or corrupt and therefore more worthy of impeachment then he.

He’s famously started with Nancy Pelosi and moved on to Rashida Tlaib, and now Mitt Romney. Lately though,  persons not in government have been threatened by our Commander-In -Chief. Aside from Joe the barista, many others have been singled out after they displeased the President. These include Larry the valet, after he misplaced the Presidential car keys, Gurvinder from Verizon for trying to upgrade his mobile service during dinner, Mary at McDonald’s for forgetting his fries, and on and on.

The president seems determined to continue his swamp draining not just in government, but throughout the country. We wish him luck.