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  • 23
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  • Auburn
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  • Rum
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  • Techno
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Hill took the woman out on a date the same day they met, and the two agreed to get married within a week of meeting, authorities said. He told the woman he's a millionaire, and they decided to invest in a love nest. They went house-hunting and selected a home they were interested in," police said. The man lived with another woman and in Duluth, Georgia -- and he's wanted in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey for similar scams, authorities said. Since then, several women have come forward and said they were in a relationship with him, or knew women who were.


Anyone receiving calls from potential scammers is encouraged to contact MEC at The company will then verify the inquiry. Police warn of increase in fraudulent s with malicious links, attachments. Dismiss Weather Alerts Alerts Bar. Updated: Jun. By 16 News Now. Police say a man is posing as a utility worker and possibly stealing money in LaPorte County. Unemployed workers falling victim to employment scams. Elderly woman's wedding ring stolen by scammer.

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The Better Business Bureau backed up her claim, saying that these types of scams are nothing new. Berrien Co. The caller is claiming that there's a new program in place where they can post bond by purchasing prepaid debit cards. Medicare scam and fake test kit sent to Granger woman. A lottery scam is targeting people in Michiana, and police are warning residents to never give out personal information to anyone over the phone.

The Better Business Bureau BBB is warning people to watch out for the "one ring" phone scam that is hitting several states. ISP warns against series of phone scams. Cabbie credited with saving year-old woman from scammer. Several county health departments have received reports from residents about calls seeking personal information that could be used to steal identities.

Toys for Tots. Updated: Jul. Local police are warning about a driveway sealing scam that is targeting Berrien County residents. Pro Sports. Making A Difference. Local police warn of text message scam. Updated: May. Minden says she thinks this was part of a scam for medicare fraud. Scam Alert. Michigan Treasury Department warns of scam circulating in U. The Michigan Department of Treasury is warning residents to watch out for a new scam circulating in the U. Beware of fake Kroger grocery giveaway.

Another local woman comes forward in 'internet casanova' con

Researchers say seniors who aren't on guard against scams also might be at risk for developing Alzheimer's disease. A suburban Chicago sheriff's office is warning the public about a telephone scam in which a caller purports to represent the office and tells people they owe money for missed jury duty. By NewsCenter Berrien County treasurer's office warns residents of scam letter. Scammers pretend to be from the court. Michiganders targeted by scammers pretending to be from health department. Joseph woman. First Alert Weather. What's Good.

Warning: Beware the 'one ring' phone scam.

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Is it love? By Associated Press. Maybe not, as romance scams proliferate. A Massachusetts cab driver is being praised by police for helping an year-old woman from being taken by a classic scam. The Berrien County treasurer's office is alerting residents of a scam letter being sent out. By Ibrahim Samra. Avoiding schemers on Slam the Scam Day. Updated: Mar. Ordinary citizens' phones are ringing all the time, and scammers are getting creative, spoofing caller ID s and s. Weather Radio Guide.

Officials say you should never give out personal information such as birth date, Social Security or credit card. Suburban Chicago sheriff's office warns of jury-duty scam.

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Community Calendar. Scammers, they're everywhere -- on your computer, on your phone, online and since the pandemic, the Better Business Bureau says these thieves are not only targeting those who have money, but those seeking employment too. An elderly woman's wedding ring was stolen by a scammer who claimed to be testing her water for lead. Scam Alert: Door-to-door scam continues in Berrien County. Senior's weakness for scams may be warning of dementia.

Updated: Dec. You may have seen a Facebook post that says Kroger is giving away a year of free groceries.

Updated: Feb. Scammers are pretending to be from the United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana to trick people into clicking a potentially harmful internet link. Reports often include seeing a white, unmarked pick-up truck with no plates carrying two to four men. Updated: Aug. Police want to remind you that organizations like the IRS or other debt collectors will never call you to get money. South Bend apartment complex investigating rent waiver hoax.

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Investigate TV. Latest Newscasts. Parent's Playbook. Scammers threatening to shut off utilities if customers don't pay artificial balance. Lottery scam targets people in Michiana. Social Security scammers appear to be calling from real SSA. Local police want to remind folks not to give out your Social Security to anyone who unexpectedly calls you. Celebrating the Class of Order a Copy of a Story. Updated: Apr.

By Jack Springgate. Warsaw police: Don't fall for phone scam. Submit Photos and Videos. Updated: Jan. Police warn of driveway sealing scam. Like many in Michiana, Dale Hudak says he could use a month off paying rent after being laid off and denied for unemployment benefits, since the start of the pandemic. Decision National Map. Voter Tools.

Stop Means Stop for School Buses. Scammers calling Michigan residents posing as health dept. Wednesday's Child.

The FTC says romance-related scams have surged and generated more losses than any other consumer fraud reported last year. Updated: Sep. A Fraud Alert has been issued by St. Joseph County's sheriff, and he's asking residents to help protect family members, neighbors and friends.

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When he saw the letter saying Waterford Glen was waiving rent fees for May, he said he was skeptical. Gray DC Bureau. Scammers are posing as Michigan Department of Health and Human Services officials to steal from residents.

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Here's a warning for all Arizonans looking for love.


The FTC announced this week that romance-related scams have surged recently and generated more losses than any other consumer fraud reported to the agency last year.