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The savanna is a high plain fanning out from the Andean foothills, about 8, feet above sea level and miles north of the Equator, and close to both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.


They grow best in sandy, rocky soil and underneath evergreen trees. It's for that reason that the Kentucky Legislature deated that specific goldenrod species as the official state flower. Though the California Poppy is a wildflower that grows throughout the west coast, it is native to California. Goldenrods bloom in Kentucky during the late summer and early fall.

Early settlers to New Mexico called the white flowers of the yucca "our Lord's candles. Black-eyed Susan gets its name from the dark "eye" in the center of the flower. Delaware adopted the peach blossom as a floral symbol in During those days, there were overpeach trees in the state, earning Delaware the nickname the "Peach State. There are many colors of hibiscus flowers, but the yellow variety is considered to be quite rare. The bitterroot has been the official state flower of Montana since It can be found throughout the state from spring through the summer.

The scarlet carnation, also known as the Lamborn Carnation, became the state flower of Ohio in It was adopted three years after President McKinley's assassination and was seen as a "token of love and reverence to the memory of William McKinley.

There was a time when Arkansas was a leading producer of apples in the United States, and their bounty of apples earned them the nickname "The Land of the Big Red Apple.

The secrets behind your flowers

The orange blossom was declared Florida's state flower in The Cherokee rose is a reminder to the state of Georgia about the removal of the Cherokee people on the "Trail of Tears. The blossoming shrub became Idaho's state flower in The native violet became the official state flower of Illinois in after a vote by school children.

The camellia, also nicknamed "the rose of winter" appears on the Alabama state quarter and can be cultivated in many different colors. There are 46 species of orchid that grow in Minnesota, one of which is the showy lady's slipper which has been the official state flower since and has been protected by state law since Not only is Mississippi's state flower the magnolia flower, but the magnolia tree where the flower blooms is deated the official state tree. They grow to about three to six feet tall, and their flowers have upwards of 50 petals, which some may see as symbolic of our nation's 50 states.

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The magnolia appears on Mississippi's bicentennial commemorative quarter and also appears in the state's nickname "The Magnolia State. Though the mayflower has been Massachusetts' official flower sinceit's been considered endangered since Just as Arkansas was known for its abundance of apples, so is Michigan.

When it comes to house plants, orchids are among the most difficult to maintain. This yellow flower is a cousin of the sunflower and was deated as Maryland's state flower in In order to grow, the mayflower requires specific conditions. Commonly seen throughout the deserts of the western part of the United States, the big sagebrush was deated as the official state flower of Nevada in A hardy plant, the purple lilac was chosen in to be the official state flower to represent the resilience of the men and women of New Hampshire.

How well do you know all 50 state flowers?

The purple violet was recognized as the state flower in New Jersey as early asbut it wasn't until when garden clubs pressed the Legislature to make it official. Inthe Colorado Legislature approved this white and lavender flower as the official floral symbol of the state.

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Maybe the plant is native to a state, or perhaps it represents a moment in that state's history, but there is a ificance to each state flower chosen. The blooming of dogwood trees is a surefire of spring. There are ten other perennial species that grow throughout Kansas. The Rocky Mountain columbine became Colorado's state flower after an overwhelming amount of school children voted it as their favorite flower.

The Kentucky goldenrod, Solidago gigantea, is different from other goldenrods and can grow twice as tall, upwards of eight feet. This state flower is also edible and can be used in sal, or it can be candied or dried to make tea. Though the yucca comes from the same family as the lily, this plant loves hot, dry places and flourishes in the desert. From May to early June peonies bloom with giant, puffball flowers in shades of white, pink and red.

Chances are the bouquet you’re about to buy came from colombia. what’s behind the blooms?

In fact, Michigan currently ranks third in the top apple producing states behind Washington and New York state. Though they're not native to North America they're originally from Europe and Asia they've been growing in botanical gardens in the United States as far back as the s. The purple flowers are so prominent in Montana that the Bitterroot Mountains, the Bitterroot Valley and the Bitterroot River are named after this plant.

They said it was "suggestive of our green prairies and rosy prospects. Even though they're part of the rose family, they produce fruit similar to an apple which makes for great jams and jellies. The big sagebrush is an evergreen plant that grows best in arid places and flowers from late summer through the fall.

The dark blue backdrop behind the Big Dipper constellation on Alaska's state flag, represents not just Alaska's vast sky but also a field of forget-me-nots. It's considered to be one of the most commonly spotted flowers in the state of Illinois and can grow anywhere from the prairies to the forests.

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Louisiana deated the tree's flower, the giant magnolia with its thick petals, as the official state flower in In a state where the evergreen reigns supreme, it's only fitting that Maine's state flower is a pine cone and tassel. When the Nebraska Legislature deated the goldenrod as the official state flower inthey said it was done to "foster a feeling of pride in our state, and stimulate an interest in the history and traditions of the commonwealth.

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The colonists first reported seeing it in And inthe pleasantly fragrant mountain laurel became the official state flower of Connecticut. Upwards of 40 feet tall, the Saguaro cactus blossom has been Arizona's state flower since The Saguaro can live up to years and is endemic to the Sonoran Desert. A classic rose, the American Beauty's rose petals come in different shades ranging from crimson red to pale pink.

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For a brief period of time, from late June to late July, the forget-me-nots of Alaska bloom in the state's alpine regions. Though each island has its own representative flower, the yellow hibiscus has come to symbolize the entire state of Hawaii.

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Though they're a bit too acidic to use for baking or winemaking, settlers enjoyed using them in the kitchen. The Syringa is only found in the western part of the United States and blooms from late May through July. Here are all 50 official state flowers plus D. Untilthe state flower of Alabama was the goldenrod. Similar to English holly, the Oregon grape is an ornamental plant with little yellow flowers that turn to dark purple berries in the fall.

Though the native sunflower has been the state flower of Kansas sinceit's not the only sunflower variety that can be found in the state.

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Humans have been cultivating ornamental roses for millennia, with the earliest evidence of cultivation dating back to BC in the Mediterranean, Persia and China. The most recent state flower adoption in the U. The rose was selected to succeed mistletoe because citizens supported the idea of recognizing a flower that's more cultivated and not seen as a parasite, like mistletoe was.

If you believe in parallel universes, there is likely an alternative timeline where the pink azalea became Pennsylvania's state flower and not the mountain laurel. Inthe University of North Dakota chose pink and green as their school colors because of the wild prairie rose. Though native species differ from continent to continent, roses can be found throughout the world.

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One of the best super blooms to catch in the spring is in the rolling hills of California poppies that cover 1, acres in the Antelope Valley. This bushy, flowering tree can grow up to around 25 feet tall.

The beautiful white blossoms show up in May and June. The peony became Indiana's official state flower in Though they're called wild prairie roses, they can additionally be found in the woodlands and other areas of Iowa.

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Though they may not officially be flowers, they were considered a floral emblem of Maine in the "National Garland of Flowers" at the World's Fair. North Carolina loves the dogwood so much, they have five festivals dedicated to it, and every year they crown a new Dogwood Queen. Magnolia trees can grow in different climates throughout the United States, but the waxy leaved tree flourishes in the southeastern part of the country. If you didn't already know what Florida's state flower was, you might have been able to guess it, since the state is almost synonymous with oranges.

Mountain laurel goes by many names — ivybush, lambkill, sheep laurel and spoonwood because Native Americans used the plant to make spoonsto name a few.