The Enormity Of False Flag Cover-Ups Will Astound You

The truth is right in front of you

Last week, the Society To Undo Previously Identified Deeds released their findings from an investigation that revealed that nobody in America has died from gunfire in the past decade, proving that every reported incident was a false flag perpetrated by gun control fascists.

Today we see the follow up to that in which the sheer enormity of the false flag cover-ups is revealed. And it is mind boggling.

The more comprehensive study focussed on the “mass shootings” seen in recent years for purposes of simplicity. And for simplicity’s sake in this article, we will focus on just three of those : Newport, CT, Las Vegas, NV, and El Paso, TX.

These three reported “shootings” are said to have claimed 103 victims. Yet, STUPID has found they are all still alive. These ruses were created through extensive planning and payoffs, the likes of which had not been seen since the faking of the moon landing and the fraudulent assassination of JFK.

In the planning phases, actors were hired to stage the “tragic” events. In the case of El Paso, this involved a store full of people – over a hundred were involved, in Newport more still. A school full of kids were hired for parts as well as teachers. Parents of the child thespians also had to be let in on the secret. Potentially 400-500 were complicit. Las Vegas was an enormous undertaking from its beginnings – hotel staff, hotel guests, the shooter, and over a thousand concertgoers helped to make it all look believable.

In the aftermath of each event, reporters, police, federal law enforcement, and several levels of government had to be bribed to keep secret the gigantic lie.

“Victim” families had to be relocated so as not to be seen alive in the vicinity of the crime,phone footage had to be doctored, hundreds at a time, and on and on… much subterfuge to keep the truth hidden.

It seems impossible to be able to pull this off virtually every day of the year, but it is done. By STUPID’s best estimate, fully 55% of the US population are involved in
the keeping of false flag shootings under wraps. But secrets that big rarely stay hidden. Soon it will all fall apart.