Rioting Kanye West Attacks, Topples, Kanye West Statue


In what appears to have begun as a protest against something or other, and escalated into a full-blown riot situation, Kanye West was surrounded by security forces yesterday at his own mansion in Los Angeles, California.  West may be arrested and charged with destruction of private property, vandalism, and trespassing, while toppling a golden statue of celebrity and entertainer Kanye West.

Even with his wife Kim standing guard, the chaos escalated rapidly.

Police have not yet interrogated West about West’s seemingly unprovoked attack on the monument.  Witnesses say Kanye made several remarks about being “reminded of the failings and crimes of this hypocritical nation” before attacking the likeness of Mr. West with a crowbar.  Kanye West, meanwhile, released a statement that he was all for preserving his heritage and history during these trying times and would likely press charges.

It is unclear whether the crime takes on a higher degree of severity now that West has become a presidential candidate, but if it does, things might not be looking up for Kanye West.

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