Three Players Kneel in Protest During Anthem Before NFL Draft

In what seems to be an omen of the season to come, three hopeful draftees for this year’s NFL roster took to their knees in protest of police treatment of black citizens when the national anthem was played to open the event.  Some spectators gasped in disgust at the gesture, while many applauded.

Player hopefuls Kyler Murray, Nick Bosa, and T’Challa Wilson explained that they weren’t planning on wasting any time this year to equate football with civil rights activism.  The draft is usually an exciting event based on determining who will be chosen to possibly live out their lifelong dream.  Wilson told the crowd : “You better get used to It, because no one is backing down this year.”

Wilson will only be available for the 2019 season if Captain America and Iron Man don’t screw things up tomorrow.

Controversial kneeler and Nike spokesperson Colin Kaepernick also showed up for the event, cheering on the chaos that he fathered.  In the words of a great American from long ago : “What a revolting development.”

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