Latest Wacko Theory Suggests Biden Won Free and Fair Election

With all the misinformation being spread by the liberal and foreign controlled media, the last thing we need is a new, all encompassing theory as to how Biden became our 46th President.  Yet, here we are. The latest conspiracy spewing forth from the beast: Biden won a “free and fair” election.

The conspiracy has already begun to take hold amongst American socialists and communists, and is beginning to spread to disenfranchised conservatives. State run media such ass CNN and MSNBC, both who called the election for Biden before election day, have been programming them to believe Biden mathematically won both the popular vote and the electoral college.

The numbers only add up if you do the calculations using “common core” math, a feat our most brilliant mathematicians can not accomplish.  And who established common core math as the standard in the US?  You guessed it. B. Hussein Obama.  This plan to make it appear as if Biden won the free and fair election mathematically was set into motion in 2009 by the Obama administration.

Adding the votes traditionally (arabically) show Trump winning the election in overwhelming fashion, not losing a single electoral vote.  However, notice Obama’s agenda has been right before our eyes this entire time. COMMon core. COMMunist.  If only we had noticed sooner.

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