Lizard People Praise Trump Doctor, Demand Return of ‘V’ Series


Earth’s leading authorities in the Lizard Person population today, extended warm words of praise and admiration for President Trump’s newest physician and demon bukkake-expert Stella Immanuel at a summit held inside a climate-controlled aquarium outside of Porktard Lake, Florida.  Many attendees, gleefully consuming mosquito and beetle ice cream cones and selling shed-skin tail cozies praised the controversial hellspawn and alien invader civil rights activist, and more still gathered with thousands of signatures in the attempt to convince NBC television executives to renew the long-cancelled television show “V”.

Six-month old reptilian senior citizen Klllrpt Ssslptzrkn dressed as Supreme Commander John for the event, and posed to take photos with Illggrgle Cksssrip, a two-month old housewife from Miami, clad in a long and flowing gown as the infamous show character “Diana”.  The program was nearly as popular as the doctor among the crowd.  Cksssrip excitedly urinated on a nearby palm leaf as she told a reporter why she’d made the 100 mile trip.

“I just love Diana, and I think we all want to see more, am I right?”  Behind her, a crowd of admirers hissed happily, inflating their neck sacs with approval.  “I mean, she got that Robin cow impregnated with just her wits.  And that baby is really the key to understanding our goal.  It’s love.  It’s a love story.  Always has been.”

Not THAT V. That one was about the Matrix guys proving they could make one more good movie. But just the one.

Immanuel herself did not appear at the event, citing prior engagements involving jamming colloidal silver up the vaginas of pregnant women to prevent their babies from growing moo-cow bellies.  But in spirit, Trump’s expert physician was there at poster booths and t-shirt kiosks, most of either selling for a reasonable four to five climbing twigs each.

“She’s just really brave to get out story put there on a national stage,” remarked Djjjklsspt Steinberg of Waddletits, Texas.  “I don’t really know much about the whole demon sperm stuff, but I’m sure it’s just as important.”

“I’m only nine days old,” she blushed.  “I’ve still got plenty to learn and lots of spiders to swallow.”

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