‘Madam’ Hillary Found Dead In Her Reno Ranch

The truth is right in front of you

Hilary Clinton, the new madam of the “Clinton Cathouse” has passed. She is mourned by husband, Bill, daughter, Chelsea, millions of Americans, and several hundred customers of the famous brothel in which she served as a source of love and guidance to a dozen working girls.

Hillary opened the Reno establishment after seeing how girls plying their trade were treated on the streets. She rightly found their conditions to be horrible and sought to give them a better life. To do so, she immediately purchased a license and got into the business of legal prostitution, inviting to work for her a dozen of the most vulnerable, but attractive, women she saw out on the corners.

First content to simply be behind the scenes handling money, she soon saw that her employees still struggled with self-esteem and confidence issues. She decided to jump into a more direct role in the business operations by becoming a madam. As such, she did not participate in actual sex work, but rather mentored the girls and taught them to love themselves through inspirational talks, as well as with song and dance numbers.

But she still made sure she looked the  part for her role…..and this is how her end came. While tightening her corset this morning in an effort to accentuate her ample bosom, she went too far. Her breathing became labored and she was unable to untie her knots. She soon died from asphyxiation.

RIP Hillary. May your heavenly whorehouse be filled with angels.