Man Extremely Proud Of ‘Being Green’ Even Though Doing Absolutely Nothing To Save The Earth

The truth is right in front of you

Joe Barron loves Mother Earth and wants her to live forever. That’s why he does all he thinks he can to save her from the destructive forces of mankind.

He first jumped on the environmental bandwagon in the early 90’s when news spread about the destruction of the ozone layer. At that time, he said to family and friends,”That doesn’t sound good at all,” and immediately cut aerosols from his life, satisfied that this life change would save the planet.

But he didn’t stop there. Soon, Joe was recycling his paper and plastics, composting his food scraps, driving a Hybrid, cutting meat from his diet, and conserving water by showering twice a week and saving toilet flushes for “number 2”. He did all of this and more and was fully satisfied with the difference he felt he was making.

Never mind that any environmental scientist will tell you that we are too far gone for any of these paltry individual efforts to make a lick of difference in the overall scheme of things. Such remarks fall on deaf ears with Joe as he soldiers on fighting the good green fight.

“We all have to do our part. If everyone on earth recycled and composted, the difference would he huge! If we all stopped driving around in fossil fuel powered death machines, the change would be astronomical.

Climate change is real, ladies and gents and every little bit counts in turning the tide.”

Joe could not be deterred from his ridiculous pride and self-satisfaction from acts that aren’t making even the tiniest dent in reversal of earth’s destruction. He truly believes that his actions are going to save us all. But he doesn’t want thanks. He just wants to save the earth.

Go Joe!