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  • Years:
  • I'm 33 years old
  • Ethnicity:
  • I'm scottish
  • Sexual orientation:
  • Guy
  • Hair:
  • Strawberry-blond
  • I know:
  • English
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  • Beer


This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author's own. We couldn't have picked a more lovely or wonderful time to expose our two children to this incredible corner of the country. Kids were riding their bikes, people were walking their dogs, the smell of barbecues wafted thought the air. On our very first morning out, we ventured down to the nearest Starbucksonly to strike up a conversation with some terrific kids who were near the same age as our own! Meeting people, and building relationships has become a terrific new adventure as well as a daunting challenge.


Hi all, I just moved to Seattle a couple weeks ago. It is free and quick. Your best bet is to find an interest group such as cyclists, kiyakers, etc. Live in a neighborhood where there are NO Microsoft employees like yourself. The U-district sucks unless you are a UW student or already have social ties to people in the neighborhood. Capitol Hill or Fremont are probably your best bet. Opacity: Opacity.

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Man, do I miss Oak Park and Evanston. I would say capitol hill is your best bet if you can afford to live there. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Talk about walkable, trees, and all those beautiful brick buildings. Scratch Bellevue off your list. Originally Posted by Destructoman! I'm 21 and just graduated from college. Your best bet in the U-district is to make friends with some of the regulars at the Monkey Pub, probably the friendliest bar in Seattle.

If I can help it, I'd rather not have everyone I know be considerably older than I am. View detailed profiles of: Seattle, Washington. Detailed information about all U. User-defined colors Preset color patterns. Remember Me. People are friendly here, just don't act like you're high on E while you are making friends. I've had the best of luck finding companionship in other transplants, or at the very least locals who have lived in other parts of the country and returned, as they tend not to be as myopic as the life-long residents.

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I am not a huge fan of Bellevue, but it is actually gaining somewhat of a unique identity. Additional giveaways are planned.

Read as a recent newcomer to the northwest shares some practical ways that he and his family have met people and made new friends despite the short and grey seattle days.

You got me homesick. And yep, 25 is old. That is what I have so take it. Bellevue, Washington.

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Good luck. Location: Seattle - Central District. Here's my question: How should I go meeting new people, and in particular girls? View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. Originally Posted by toughguy. Also, is there a particular neighborhood I should consider living in to meet young people that are in my age range I'm currently looking at University District, Capitol Hill, and Bellevue as potential places to live on a permanent basis.

Your chances of getting laid on any given night are probably a little better in Fremont. That place is the most soul-less strip mall excuse for a city I've ever seen. Good luck on that one Microsoftee! Semper Fidelis. Some forums can only be seen by registered members.

GOod think I'm going home this summer to visit. That way you have something interesting to talk about that they don't know a thing about. User Name. Originally Posted by microsoftee. Most recent value. Capitol Hill is going to give you a little better commute time to Microsoft, because it has better freeway access to Fremont seems to be more leafy than Capitol Hill, and isn't quite as dense.

Kirkland, Washington. Are you trying to say that I should be socializing with a younger group? And as far as women go, Seattle is home to some of the coldest, most aloof women that I've ever encountered.

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Similar Thre looking to meet people who live thereSeattle area, 0 replies We cannot keep him; Seattle, meet Earl. Based on data.

It's never too late to find the right person in bellevue, nebraska, united states! up and meet local singles looking for love!

I know a lot of the people that work at Dante's, right across the street from The Monkey Pub. Apparently they all hate the Monkey Pub employees. New to Seattle: how to meet new people Bellevue: for sale, college. Is one of these a clearly better choice for my future social life? Most of the people out here are exremely clique-ey and stick with the same social group they've had since high school days. Right now, I'm temporarily staying in the U District for a couple months while I get acclimated to Seattle. Both places have tons of restaurants and shops close by, and at night there are quite a few bars and clubs within walking distance.

Insincerity will get your ass beat here in Seattle.

Location: Happiness is found inside your smile :. I'm a bit confused by your post, CityGirl On the one hand, you suggest that you were hanging out with older folks when you were 21, but then you dated younger people when you were older?

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I would second Capitol Hill and Freemont. Regarding Bellevue You are from Chicago, right? I am sure they have friends that live around the area who would like to meet a guy for casual dates. Your advice was very helpful.

So I've narrowed it down! At least it has somewhat of an impressive skyline. No joke. Talk to the ladies that work at the local espresso stand. I'm sure I'll meet plenty of people at work, but I want to be able to have friends that are around my age and not necessarily work acquaintances. But the only people I've manage to befriend are my roommates. Chicago is famous for it's soulless suburbs Schaumberg, Naperville, Joliet, Aurora, etc Is Bellevue really the worst you have seen?

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Thank you Destructoman. Unless you have lots of money, play in an indie rock band or are in a frat at the UW you WILL have a hard time meeting girls. I want to be able to leave my apartment, walk around, find shops and places to eat, see pedestrians in the streets I want to meet new people I'd prefer a younger age range of residents a midpoint in the 20's Trees and plants around the area would be a plus. And it seems hard meeting new people that might be UW students.

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