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The Sooners used a OU improved to on the season after picking up three wins tonight. The Sooners wrapped up a grueling eight-day stretch as they competed in their third meet in the last eight days. Kindler said.


She has everything it takes and more.

It was a perfect fit, and Watson had a natural ability for it, Stoops said. Six hundred athletes. When she was satisfied she walked toward her office, passing walls lined with gifts for recruits showing up that weekend. Struggling with keeping weight on, Brown was instructed to eat healthier meals in more frequent increments throughout the day, which has allowed him to keep his calorie intake high enough to help him gain a healthy amount of weight.

On early National ing Day Dec. This was only one detail of the day though, with commits also receiving mini cereal boxes with their faces on them, as well as other personalized memorabilia. Out of all female directors of sport nutrition, Byrd is….

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Byrd not only watches over the nutritional needs of the football program, but also every other sport in the athletic department. No, not at all. Riley already knew some ways in which the office worked from being offensive coordinator, but Watson simplified the process for him as much as possible to make the transition easy. Nearly a year later, Riley has found her place among the program.

Months before when OU coach Lincoln Riley called to say he needed a director of recruiting, Castiglione laughed. Bookie, the next chapter begins now - Welcome to the fam! They care for and encourage the team, playing integral parts in the program.

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Despite the of athletes, Byrd still believes in individualized nutrition plans. Their days are consumed by football, juggling meetings, practices and outreach. As a way to get all the families and players involved, the team had an Easter egg hunt.

Volume 97, no. 4 (winter –20)

Byrd attempts to attend every practice to ensure the players properly refuel, and has done so since she was hired in Byrd came to OU from Baylor when the position of director of sports nutrition was created within the program. The following are the stories of four women who work with or around the OU football program. But behind all that success stands a group of women. Out of all female directors of recruitment, Hanson is…. Her Google calendar is booked solid and color coded for efficiency. While Riley has a million tasks pulling him in different directions, Watson keeps him on track.

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She knew from the minute she met Riley that she had what it takes to be the wife of a head coach at such a prestigious program. She was always engaged, interested in learning as much as she could about whatever she was doing at the time.

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Coming off two College Football Playoff berths and a Sugar Bowl win in the past three years, the Sooners know how to win. I embrace it.

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A shelf full of memories from the time she spent working for Stoops. The last game of the season is always bittersweet for Byrd, win or lose. She just wanted to be around and interact with them and try to just get perspectives on things. As players walk from the practice field into the football facilities Byrd stands by a table boasting an array of smoothies.

She makes everything so much simpler for Lincoln and I. Carol, in the process of moving from Florida to Oklahoma, wanted to know where to buy her 2-year-old daughter a coat. The event was just one in a long list of things the Rileys have done to try to make players, coaches and families feel like OU is home. Now that the transition is over, Riley is focused on continuing to grow and develop the family atmosphere of the program, as well as give support in times of joy and disappointment. Castiglione said he is continually impressed by the grace and humility Riley has possessed while going through such a whirlwind.

Over the years Byrd spends with players, a bond forms and she becomes like a second mom to them. Her OU track uniform hangs in a frame behind her desk.

When she graduated from OU she was kept on in the recruiting department. While Byrd has strong bonds with the players, she understands being a woman in an athletic department is rare and not everyone has the same experience as her. Meet four women who play integral roles in the success of OU football. They help the program run efficiently and keep the players at their best.

She explains the importance of fueling before practices and games and recovering afterward. Oftentimes players make it to college without giving thought to how the food they eat impacts their performance. These first few months are going to be crazy. She welcomes recruits into the program with open arms, striving to ensure their comfort during their first time away from home. Castiglione saw that and began giving her the opportunity to polish her skills.

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She feels strongly about the way her mentors helped her navigate the position and become confident in her role. Players spent time setting out all the eggs, watching the kids hunt for them and even ing in occasionally. A head coach who is also a playcaller and key figure in recruiting, as well as a husband and father, Riley has a lot he needs help managing. One woman.

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Watson sits in her office and glances at the game balls filling multiple shelves. The goal is always the same: Get him home in time to say good night to his daughters. She greets you with a wide smile and energetic handshake, exuding positivity.

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He knew the perfect person — the woman he had been sad to lose to the University of North Carolina inknowing the exceptional talent she was. When requests conflict, Watson is there to tell Riley when he last helped out with each event so he can prioritize. She is one of five women in her position, or the equivalent, at a Big 12 school and one of 34 in the Power 5, which boasts 65 schools.

Now she aspires to do the same for others, coaching her female interns on how to act and speak around players and coaches.

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On one of the biggest weekends of the year for recruiting, Hanson had her hands full planning every last detail of five events and various other aspects of the three-day event. She watches as players choose which flavor they want, handing some slices of watermelon from an ice chest as they go. Byrd is nothing if not a constant presence, eating with the team and helping players choose what to put on their plates. Castiglione met Hanson when she transferred from Georgia Tech as a distance runner for track and field, then became further acquainted with her when she took his Ethical Decision Making class.

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When the news was announced and the hectic months that followed it ensued as Riley attempted to find his bearings in his new position ahead of fall camp and the season, Watson was of constant assistance. This is where Byrd comes in. And Oklahoma is one of the elite football programs in the country. The dry erase calendar hanging in her office was full, with various colors denoting different tasks, while one side of her office was overrun with recruiting packets.

Now, she stood just minutes away from the announcement telling Stoops she would need advice in the future about her new role. A ball from the win over Nebraska that pushed OU to No. One from the Sugar Bowl win over Alabama.

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Then, she watches them leave. Football is a male-dominated sport, from the coaches who call the plays to the athletes taking the field to the administration overseeing the program. She and Lincoln hosted recruits and their families over the weekend.

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