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The main fork of the Merced River is a great place for swimming, hikingfishingraftinggold-panningcamping and general recreation during the summer months. There is day use and picnicking along Highway and Briceburg, with overnight camping or fires only at deated campsites. The Wild and Scenic River status adds a few extra conditions to fishing—for all species, only fish over 12 inches or larger may be taken and only on artificial lures with barbless hooks.


Norvallpublisher of the Merced Express, later named the fire engine "Old Betsy", which is now on permanent display at the Merced County Courthouse Museum. All members were present at roll call.

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The fire was put under control at p. May 8, : George Coolures was appointed the first full time Fire Chief when the Fire Department with paid staff was established. The firefighters performed all the landscaping and it was staffed with two two-man platoons. Nov 3, : Merced Engine Company No. Dec 24, Merced Engine Company No. President Evans' extinguished the fire using a Babcock fire extinguisher. Under his supervision, a new fire alarm system was installed by the Gamewell Fire Alarm Company. During the fiscal yearthe Junior Firemen had inspected approximately homes in the City of Merced.

Apr 3, : The Merced Fire Department purchased its first fire engine. It was also moved that the company have their picture taken. Jun 12, : A six cylinder Chevrolet station wagon equipped with a two-way dual channel radio for Fire Prevention was placed in service.

The first men to arrive, hitched the horses to Old Betsy and dashed off while the others seized the hose cart and followed along un-paved streets. Jan : The Cooperative Fire Prevention Clean Up Campaign was implemented, whereby, with the cooperation of the property owner, the Fire Department would burn down the properties which warranted removal. Apr 14, : A group of Merced business and property owners began meeting for the purpose of creating a volunteer fire department after learning of a large fire in the nearby town of Snelling.

Chief Coolures mirrored the department after the Stockton Fire Department. It housed the American LaFrance's G. Company 3 also built in at 27th and K Streets, housed the G. A new civic center and fire station were erected on the former city hall and firehouse in July 17, : City Council amends Ordinance No. The Superintendent of Streets was instructed to paint the adjacent curb area white and to affix the words "Fire Dept. Jan 14, : A. Johnson awarded contract to build addition meeting hall to Engine house.

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Jun 10, Meeting : On motion, building of an Engine House was suspended and they were to find a suitable building to rent. Dec 24, : A six cylinder Chevrolet half ton pickup with compartmentalized utility body which was used for communication installations and repairs was placed in service. A of fire hazards had been eliminated by such efforts.

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This program provided an opportunity for the Fire Fighters to become acquainted with all of the structures with their jurisdiction while educating the public about the many services provided by the Fire Department. The city was protected by a Silsby steamer, one hand engine, two hose reels, over 1, feet of hose and two hook and ladder outfits. Hicks, F. LogamarsinoJ. Garibaldi, E. StoddardJ. Apr 7, : El Capitan Hose Co. Twenty five members responded from dinner tables, barber shops, clerking stations at the dry goods store and fields to the fire house on 18th street.

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Volunteers dropped the hose into one of the wells, which were situated at various intersections. Mar 30, : The President of the Merced Fire Department met at the Court House to hear the report of the Committee appointed to purchase an Engine and for the election of Officers for the ensuing year. Consequently, the El Capitan Hose Company purchased additional insurance for fire fighting outside of the city limits. Jan 7, : An eight cylinder half ton Ford pickup equipped with a three-way radio was placed in service as a Utility Pickup.

Chief Coolures instituted many important internal improvements in the first year from fire fighting procedures and methods and dwelling inspections to street drills and Fire Prevention programs. Jan 16, : An eight cylinder Chevrolet, four door sedan equipped with a two-way dual channel radio was placed in service as the Inspector's car. That the said property shall be returned to this company at such time when the City of Merced has no further use for the same.

Mar 30, : Merced incorporated and began using the 2nd floor of the firehouse as City Hall quarters. During the second year of the program, over homes were inspected.

The volunteer fire department was summoned when the initial response of the paid department was inadequate and provided invaluable supportive service to the paid department. November 21, : City Council approves Ordinance No. Company 2 was built in at McNamara Park on 11th and L Streets and became the temporary headquarters for the Fire Department, while its main station was being built.

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Jun : A Silsby steam engine, named "Old Steamer" was acquired. A motion was seconded that the Directors of this company be instructed to give a Bill of Sale for the property hereafter stated, for the sum of One Dollar for the Trustees of the City of Merced under the following condition.

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Aug 7, : A meeting was called and the Secretary was instructed to notify the Directors of the company to confer with City Trustee in regards to the sale of the property belong to Eureka Engine company according to instruction. Although the firefighters did not expect to save the barn, they wanted to keep it from spreading. That the property stated hereafter never be disposed of by the Trustees of Merced City.

Feb 19, : An eight cylinder Chevrolet, four door sedan for the Fire Chief was placed in service on February 19, Jan 10, : An eight cylinder Chevrolet station wagon equipped with two two-way radios with dual channels which can send or receive City Fire, Police, County Fire, and Corporation Yard frequencies, was used by the Assistant Chief's card and placed in service. Jan 4, : Special meeting held. Feb 1, : Equipment and manpower temporarily reased to the two new residential stations located at 11th and L Street Mc Namara Park and 27th and K Street as follows:.

The body was made of rosewood, stained and highly polished, with gold scroll engravings on each side.

Merced river – main fork

Photo circa 's. Jan 11, : The El Capitan Hose Company was unable to respond to the fire at the Huffman Mansion known as the Van Horn residence, because it was located outside of the city limits. Appears to be in the best interest of meeting my Merced distance boyfriend organization to incorporate under the name of Eureka Engine Co. Feb 4, : Meeting was held and directors of the Corporation were elected and that the corporate name would be Eureka Engine Co.

The company appeared promptly, but the fire was put out by others by the time the company got there. Note: We do note that it appears the Bureau was already created on November 21, Approximately three hundred children benefited by the t effort. One be, and it is hereby directed to covey, by deed of grant bargain and sale, in the name of this corporation and under its corporate seal, duly executed and acknowledged, All of the real estate and its appurtenances, now standing of record in the name of this Corporation to wit: its corporate seal, duly executed and acknowledged, All of the real estate and its appurtenances, now standing of record in the name of this Corporation, to wit: The North half of Lot Three in Block of the Town of Merced as per the recorded Official map of said town, to the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Town of Merced and to their successors in office, in fulfillment of the covenants of said Agreement on the part of this Corporation.

Some were in their best suits, other in working clothes, and some were wearing whatever they tossed on. The Merced County Courthouse building now the museum was deated as a fallout shelter. Mar 19, p. The motion was carried. A few years later, Grant was retired and replaced by a pair of gray horses name Prince and Dan, who were donated by James Chamberlain to pull the hose wagon.

The Fire Alarm Operator plotted fallout patterns twice daily, to determine which way radioactive fallout would travel, in the event of an atomic bomb attack. The El Capitan Hose Company 1 is summoned when initial response of the paid department is inadequate or whenever a fire alarm box is pulled to report a fire which automatically sets off the coded diaphone horn.

Chief Coolures and Driver Gene Borden are the first members to set forth and get all members together to organize the Association. November 2, : City Council approves Ordinance establishing a Bureau of Fire Prevention in the Fire Department and defining its powers and duties.

Merced, ca

Jul 3, : At the company's regular monthly meeting, the City Trustee, Mr. Ward requested this company to turn over the property of this company to the Trustees of the City of Merced. The practice of "Cap" providing beer as the liquid refreshment became a standard custom for many years. The two-story brick structure, occupying a ground space of 40 x 30 feet, was built by public-spirited citizens of Mercedand turned over to the city as a gift.

May 7, : A twelve cylinder American LaFrance 75 foot hydraulic operated Aerial Ladder Truck with a ladder pipe for water tower operations was placed in service. The program was sponsored by the Merced County Association of Insurance Agents and developed by the Superintendent of Schools, principals, teachers, and fire fighters. Dan and Prince, the two gray horses, dashed to the fire station too.

Hall of Merced Fire Department. Jun : A 3rd Fire substation Company 54 was added on E. The station borrowed a truck from the central station until their truck arrived. Many of the mountings were heavily plated with silver, and inlaid with pearl. Mobilization points and mass care centers were established just outside the 30 mile radius of Merced.

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The engine was purchased from the Garford Motor Truck Company.

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