Mueller Insider: Clinton Fanatics Planned To Kidnap or Kill Melania and Barron Trump

An insider who saw the Mueller report un-redacted is telling a story the mainstream media doesn’t want to pass along. According to a staffer on Mueller’s former FBI team who may or may not have helped write the report, there was a bunch about the Clintons the country has yet to see:

“The Mueller report focused on any interference in the election. Yes, there were 18 other cases referred, but they weren’t against Trump. One communication between a Russian oligarch and Donald Trump Jr. confirmed that the Clinton Foundation ‘fixer,’ Art Tubolls, was looking for possible opportunities to ‘obtain or eliminate HVTs Melania and Barron.’

They considered having them kidnapped or killed in hopes they could push Trump out of the race. Ultimately they decided against it.”

The entire communication was referred to the 128th Circuit Criminal Court of Writs in Springfield, where a new independent team of investigators¬†won’t confirm or deny what they’re doing. All the secrecy spells very bad news for the Clintons.

According to the source, the Clintons made the decision not to go through with it after they were convinced that Trump would only be emboldened and his “worshippers” as she called them would only cause more violence. Ultimately, she figured Trump would “seize the opportunity to shed his ball and chain and blame it all on immigrants somehow.”

You know it, Betsy. She would have taken his family, and he would have destroyed her. There would have been no Mr. Nice President. She would have been disappeared to a black site along with all those former heads of the EPA.

Live and learn. Melania and Barron are happily living out their few years of squalor in the White House while Dad does his thing.¬† Sure they’ll be happy to move back to New York, but for now, they’re part of history. The libs hate that. He owns them so hard.

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