Michelle Obama Calls For Impeachment on ‘The View’


On a segment of ABC’s popular morning talk show “The View”, guest Michelle Obama told host Joy Behar that President Trump : “Should be impeached as soon as possible” for nearly a dozen instances of obstruction of justice.  The pre-taped interview with the former first lady is scheduled to air this coming Friday.

Behar holds the Guinness record for most husbands driven to voluntary deafness.

Obama began with a discussion of her book tour, her work with the Obama Foundation to build Mosques in poor areas of Africa, and then shifted to a diatribe about America’s most Adderalliest President :

“Regarding Trump, he definitely needs to be impeached as soon as possible.  He’s been a cartoon version of a President from day one, he’s obviously suffering from dementia, and every day he remains in the White House is an embarrassment.  The fact that that slobbering old blumpkin followed up eight successful years of my husband is an outright travesty.”

Also a travesty : Axl Rose is making another Guns,N’ Roses album. Look at the guy. At this point, it’s “Welcome To The Elliptical Machine.”

Other guests on the episode include Pauly Shore, musicians Sandra Batt and the Batteries, and celebrity guru Richard Simmons.