Mississippi County Becomes 1st In Nation to Completely Ban All Forms Of Islamia

Mississippi is well-known as a state that holds fast to its traditions. It counts the love of God and respect for his planet as the highest of those traditions. Therefore, the banning of all Islamia is not unexpected.

It happened in Forrest County, the seat of Hattiesburg and birthplace of General Nathan Bedford Forrest, a war hero and a patriot. After the latest county census returned a Muslammian population of zero, the County Clerk signed the law banning any from showing up unexpectedly:

“This here is Mississippi. We don’t know about no Musslamians and we don’t care. They don’t live here now, so we made it impossible for them to ever move here in the future. Or visit. Or fly overhead. We’re serious about this. Mississippi will not become the next Minnesota.”

He went on to remind reporters that Mississippians can be stubborn. It wasn’t until 1963 that the last slave family was discovered on a plantation in the deep bayou to the west and freed. They were ultimately relocated after they couldn’t come up with 99 years of back rent.

The ban will take effect retroactively to when the county was formed in 1908 and named for Forrest. The county slogan, “Strength from the past; Vision for the future,” shows just how enlightened the area truly is. They draw from the experience of their great leaders and their ideals and use them moving forward, creating a special kind of society.

Sure, Mississippi comes in last in just about everything. But they’ve shown that when it comes to some things, they’ll always be number one.

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