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The data show that the deposits were formed by the eruption of two magma batches. Hawaiian, micro-Plinian and violent Stromboliandry and wet phreatomagmatic, and phreato-Vulcanian. s mark the sample locations. Compositional provinciality has been the focus of several studies. They suggested that this province originated from the interaction of widespread metasomatized lithospheric mantle with lateral and vertical flows of warm Pacific mantle.

Sudden changes in the thickness of the overlying Australian lithosphere might induce such upwelling. Isotope and trace element atures are consistent with the inferred asthenospheric magma source; Pb isotopes in particular suggest a source with mixed Indian mid-ocean ridge basalt—Enriched Mantle 2 affinities, the latter perhaps related to metasomatic overprinting. Accidental lithic fragments of the shallower aquifer-bearing units, limestone and marls of Gambier Limestone Oligocene—Miocene and sandstone and clays of the Dilwyn Formation Middle Eoceneare commonly found in MGVC pyroclastic units.

As for alkalis and P Fig. Further modification of either magma batch at crustal levels appears to have been negligible. These mantle flows followed the sudden detachment and sinking of subducted slabs along the former Gondwana margin in the Late Cretaceous.

Monogenetic volcanoes are regarded, in general, as being simple systems of mantle-derived, small-volume, basaltic magmas rising rapidly to the surface McDonough et al. The are discussed within the context of the Pliocene—Recent intraplate volcanism in SE Australia and are used to comment on the nature of monogenetic volcanic systems. Further, no systematic temporal—spatial trends are identified in the production of different facies types. Although all the eruption vents are aligned, the volcanic stratigraphy indicates that there is no simple temporal progression of eruption activity along the fissure system.

Van Otterloo, M. Mobile gambier dating, R. Cas, R. Monogenetic volcanism can produce eruptive suites showing considerable complexity in compositional features and pre-eruptive magma evolution. However, it should be noted that age data for the NVP, especially in the context of lithology and ased eruption centre, are limited. On a total alkali vs silica diagram Le Bas et al. Samples for geochemical and isotopic analysis were collected based on our new volcanic stratigraphy model Mobile gambier dating the MGVC Fig.

Three lithic fragments representing the main units in the local basement sandstone, limestone and clay were collected from a phreatomagmatic volcanic breccia at location A Fig. Six spinel lherzolite xenolith samples were collected from two sites within the Blue Lake crater walls.

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In this study we present new major and trace element and Sr—Nd—Pb isotope data based on comprehensive sampling of the recently established detailed stratigraphy of the MGVC van Otterloo et al. In total, six main facies have been recognized based on deposit characteristics, although this reduces to four if classification is based on petrographic features of the juvenile components alone Fig.

The main volcanic facies of the Mount Gambier Volcanic Complex, inferred eruption styles and modal mineralogy of the main phenocrysts. Milling-related Nb contamination is unlikely to be a problem because the Nb contents of the samples are high 30— ppm.

From the stratigraphic relationships it is clear that these erupted at the same time, making the MGVC a unique monogenetic centre. Drift corrections were based on a bi-elemental indium, bismuth spike added to each sample solution, and on the variability of standard solutions interspersed with the unknowns.

Most xenoliths have angular shapes and lack ificant resorption or recrystallization at the edges. Sr—Nd—Pb isotopic Mobile gambier dating were acquired at the University of Melbourne following methods modified from Maas et al. Despite their apparent complexity, the monogenetic centres mentioned above are still relatively simple systems in terms of volcanic facies and and spacing of eruption vents.

Lithic inclusions of sandstone and limestone were analysed after total dissolution at high pressure HF—HNO 3 —HCl and partial dissolution at low pressure warm nitric acid leachrespectively. s correspond to the analysed juvenile volcanic samples; the first letter and following three digits correspond to the sample locations. Some xenoliths show internal shearing fabrics and foliation; however, there is no relationship between the overall shape of the xenoliths within the basalt and their internal texture, suggesting that the internal texture is a source-inherited characteristic rather than evidence of shearing and plastic behaviour during host magma ascent.

Ferric and ferrous iron are reported together as total Fe 2 O 3. Gambier sub-province, Mobile gambier dating basanites, sodic and potassic trachybasalts, alkali basalts and more evolved tholeiites, basaltic trachyandesites and phonotephrites scattered across the entire province. Fast magma ascent rates in the lithosphere evidenced by the presence of mantle xenoliths may reflect reactivation of lithospheric structures that provide magma pathways to the surface.

Price et al.

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In contrast to studies, which focused on the eastern basalt flow, we included in our study the wide range of deposits dispersed over the entire volcanic complex as well as mantle xenoliths and shallow crustal material. This hypothesis could explain both the apparent lack of systematic geographical trends in the volcanic activity and the margin-parallel extent of the NVP. More recently, Finn et al.

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Incompatible element contents of both series show similarities to ocean island basalts OIB. Mantle xenoliths are common in the alkaline series basalts of the Western Plains and Mt. Gambier sub-provinces. Stratigraphic relations suggest that the oldest and youngest eruption phases both occur in the western part of the complex, and during the entire eruption interval activity occurred in the east and west simultaneously van Otterloo et al.

Phenocryst phases are mainly olivine, minor augite and rare plagioclase Fig. Phenocrysts occur as single crystals within the groundmass or as glomerocrysts. This paper examines the petrogenetic evolution of the MGVC basalts with the aim to improve understanding of the petrogenetic complexities of monogenetic volcanic systems. It displays a complex stratigraphy of interbedded Mobile gambier dating related to different eruption styles from a multi-vent system.

Major and trace elements and isotope data of representative samples of the basalts from the Mount Gambier Volcanic Complex. For example, changes in eruption style at Udo Volcano, South Korea, were caused by changes in magma composition: explosive eruption of alkali basalts was followed by effusive eruption of sub-alkaline compositions Brenna et al.

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This western basalt unit, as well as pyroclastic units across the complex, have not ly been analysed and classified geochemically. A link between basaltic magmatism and pre-existing lithospheric structures in the Delamerian and Lachlan Orogens and the Otway Basin was suggested by Lesti et al. Basaltic andesite appears to be confined to the Portland region in the far west of the Western Plains van Otterloo, Only during the last kyr was the magmatism limited to alkaline compositions.

In this model, the NVP represents a volumetric peak in the long history of extension-related volcanism along the new continental margin. All volcanic samples contain phenocrysts in a glassy matrix with varying amounts of microcrysts. It was argued that reactivation of such structures in the late Cenozoic compressive setting would induce shearing and localized transtension; this could then trigger small-volume decompression melting in the underlying shallow mantle.

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Clean rock chips from both the fragmental and coherent rock samples were milled in a tungsten carbide mill. In contrast, monogenetic volcanism at Lathrop Wells Volcano, Southwest Nevada Volcanic Field, USA, is characterized by a wide variety of eruption styles, but without major compositional variations Valentine et al. At the base of the lithosphere, part of this parental melt interacted with a deep-seated pyroxenite contaminant to form the trachybasaltic suite. Formation of the MGVC proceeded through simultaneous eruption of two alkali basaltic magma batches: a more alkaline and light rare earth element enriched basanite batch Mg 58—62 in the west and a trachybasalt batch Mg 58—64 enriched in SiO 2 and CaO in the east.

However, detailed studies of monogenetic systems have, in many cases, revealed considerable complexity; for example, the occurrence of products related to different eruption styles Sheard, ; Cas et al. Photomicrographs of the main facies types under cross-polarized light: a Mobile gambier dating enstatite xenocryst; b massive basalt facies from the western lava flow unit, MB; c eastern lava flow unit, MB; d agglutinate, SS; e scoria clast, SS; f crystalline juvenile clast in ash matrix, LA; g glassy juvenile clast in ash, LA; h scoria clast in ash matrix, ST.

Mantle xenoliths spinel lherzolite, dunite, typically 1—5 cm, although some are up to 15 cm in diameter are present in the fragmental facies types i.

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Because of potential contamination from the mill, the analytical for Ta and Co are not used here. Trace elements in ppm. The origin and tectonic setting of the Cenozoic intraplate basaltic volcanism in southeastern Australia, including the NVP as its youngest expression, has been widely discussed. Facies s refer to the facies identified by van Otterloo et al. Earlier studies of Mt. MD, Mortlake Discontinuity, after Price et al.

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By comparison, trachybasalts of the eastern MGVC plot near the transition between alkali—olivine basalt and basanite. The excellent correlation of Nb with Zr confirms that Nb artefacts are absent. The lithologies range from primitive Mg 73—74 nephelinites and picrobasalts Foden et al.

It is argued that Cenozoic NVP volcanism in SE Australia is not necessarily related to a mantle plume but can be explained by other models involving asthenospheric upwelling. Gambier sub-province of the NVP Fig. This alignment is parallel to the nearby Tartwaup Fault System, which is a major lithospheric extensional structure in the westernmost part of the Otway Basin Finlayson et al.

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The volcanic deposits exhibit a wide variety of facies Sheard, ; van Otterloo et al. Based on geomorphological characteristics, three sub-provinces are recognized Joyce, : Central Highlands, Western Plains and Mt. Although the youngest volcanism occurs at Mt. Gambier, no consistent age trends have been recognized within and between these sub-provinces.

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On a more local scale, Demidjuk et al. More detailed descriptions have been given by van Otterloo et al. Neither erosional—weathered surfaces nor evidence of soil formation is found between facies, indicating that eruptive events occurred continuously, with only short periods of quiescence van Otterloo et al.

The bold dotted line marks the divide between the basanitic suite in the west and the trachybasaltic suite in the east. All of the potassic trachybasalts from the eastern MGVC, as well as A, are referred to as trachybasalts below. Resorbed xenocrystic enstatite is present in some samples.