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The first sheikh romance was arguably also the first contemporary romance novel: E. The novel, published inrelies on a fantasy of a mixed race relationship that was scandalous at the time, yet also helped make the book a bestseller. In the books, the Arab world is the place in which the white heroines are transformed into exotic beauties. Sometimes the heroines must revise their misconceptions after meeting the sheikh hero, who defies some but not all of their stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims.

They tell us that we can love each other despite allegedly grave cultural divides. While I know this is part or perhaps most of the truth, I also sometimes wonder how much of my love for him was based on the fact that he was an Arab and a Muslim.

For example, some authors undermine stereotype by insisting their sheikhs respect women or support human rights, but still dress them in white robes. The heroine dons a veil and dances with the other girls. Orientalism demonstrates how stereotypes of Muslims and Arabs have been embedded in popular culture and academia and how they continue to circulate, perpetuating fear and racism. But telling a story like one in the sheikh romances has become impossible for me.

This is the fantasy of exotic whiteness. In the romance novel, the white heroine gets to fulfill a male fantasy of the harem that the real world makes culturally and racially impossible for her. He passes syphilis to his wife, who bears an infected child. We can find an answer in stories written by Lebanese author Hanan Al-Shaykh. Before long, I began to recognize similarities between the narratives in the books and Montana arabian women dating one I was trying to tell about my life.

Suzanne luxuriates in her exoticness in extended passages in the novel. But then I started to worry that he was right. Before I lived in Jordan, I had never really considered my race. I had never read any of the books before I traveled to Jordan, but their stories were so recognizable to me that I began to wonder if their narrative is so pervasive that it influenced the way I lived and loved without my knowledge or consent. I wonder, Why do publishers of romance novels insist on deing such embarrassing covers? She depicts these women as absurd, culturally insensitive buffoons who cause harm to themselves and Arab women and children.

In other plots, the sheikhs rescue the heroines from dangers or weaknesses they failed to foresee.

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The immigration officer on duty remembered her vividly. Very often, little girls made me feel the most uncomfortable.

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Anxiety over race has always preoccupied sheikh romances and perhaps the romance general as a whole. This led me to imagine my book shelved with other works of chick lit and romance, which seemed a horrifying conclusion to me then. What I find especially important about this scene is its appropriation of the Arab harem fantasy. The irony overwhelms me and I, too, blush, perhaps because I relate.

What happens to the Arab women? I work as a Fulbright English teacher at a public university in a poor district of the city that takes an hour to reach by public bus. Exoticism, in the end, objectifies others as much as hate. Although I recognize the positive rationalization about cross-cultural relationships in these stories, I want to believe in a version in which the attraction between two people relies less on racial difference.

During one graduate writing workshop, the instructor suggested I was writing a love story. A failed attempt, perhaps, but one still worth considering. The scene culminates in sex with the sheikh in a tent. Every time I try to tell a romantic version of my life in Casablanca, the city slaps me with its garbage and traffic, its tangle of three and sometimes four languages, its extreme and grimly apparent disparity between the rich and the poor.

I preferred to think of myself as serious-minded, as a writer with a story that critiqued US relations in the Middle East, American ideas of travel, and the project of international development. My sense of my own importance began to increase, as Montana arabian women dating my yellow hair which hung lifelessly round my face had turned into shining gold, and my speech into pearls […] While Suzanne has a sexual relationship with an Arab man, his wife, Fatima, looks on.

While Suzanne has a sexual relationship with an Arab man, his wife, Fatima, looks on. But then she meets Sheikh Ashraf ibn-Saleem. Through this appropriation of the harem and belly dancing fantasy, the heroine performs her own exoticization without shedding the power of her whiteness.

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The sheikh romances sucked me in. She holds her hand over the lower part of his six-pack, staring into his eyes. The books rely on a curious mix of cultural stereotypes and a flimsy critique of them. Herein lies both the most troubling aspect of sheikh romances and one of the most uncomfortable parts of living in the Arab world for me. Meanwhile, she has initiated Maaz into the world of international travel and causal sex.

After that day I would often wonder about my whiteness.

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It is the place where they find their authentic selves, where they find fulfilling love and lifelong happiness. Al-Shaykh often writes about white women in the Arab world who become obsessed with the idea of their exoticness. The sheikh romances often featured white heroines from middle-class, small-town backgrounds in the United States or England who travel to the Middle East saddled with cultural naivety.

Iseult smiled weakly, and mentally compared her own milk-bottle-white skin to the glorious olive of the girls around her.

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I was the only woman there. The sheikh romances force me to ask the same uncomfortable question: What has happened to all the Arab women? And I live in Casablanca now, a city with a ready-made Hollywood romance plot. The novel suggests that Karen is exotic to her Middle Eastern lover, who is himself attractive at least partially because he, in turn, is exotic to her.

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But this has nothing to do with how the title of sheikh is actually used in the Muslim world. They might make good heroes in the novels. Yet he once admitted to me, in a moment that I think was infused with a great sense of shame, that before he met me he had had a longstanding fantasy about being with a white woman.

That is, most of the books make a positive statement about cultural difference even if some differences are misrepresented or elided. Although I knew my race conferred privileges in Jordan, I felt uncomfortable when people talked about my skin color and hair.

The sheikh’s prize is usually white

Lina stood back and clapped her hands. In the first chapter, Ashraf, who goes by Ash, arrives at the fertility clinic to convince Karen not to go through with artificial insemination. During one extended scene, the heroine finds herself in what seems to be a harem, where Arab women dress her as a belly dancer. To an unfamiliar American reader, sheikh merely conjures an image of a rich Montana arabian women dating possibly royal Arab man. It looks to be the moment before they passionately kiss. Pale as cream, hanging to her waist, any man would notice it.

My Jordanian boyfriend remained opposed to the idea of moving to the United States and scoffed at other men who wanted American girlfriends for Visas. They wear collared shirts and speak French. In the story I usually told about our relationship, language study and reading Arabic poetry together initiated my attraction. Suzanne tells a truth about the fantasy of exotic whiteness: It le to exploitation and disease. It features a dark-haired man in a robe that opens to reveal his perfect abs and a woman with light brown hair wearing a nightdress.

They called me white and beautiful in the same breath, while I looked back at them and wondered if they thought they themselves were beautiful.

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A young woman from Montana named Karen moves to Boston, where some relatives provide her employment in their gelato shop. I started reading sheikh romances during graduate school while working on book about the two years I spent living in Jordan as a Peace Corps volunteer. The romances cope with the stereotyped images of fear and hatred of Muslims and Arabs in the popular media by reversing them to love. Relationships built on fetishizing exotic whiteness reinforce the oppression of Arab women. He said he had a dream about this white woman once, in which he saw her on a bed in a field wearing a white silk gown.

She felt completely exposed in the brief silk top. The way Fatima sees Suzanne differs greatly from her own view of herself. The romance novels seem to contain a positive message, but their reactive love relies too much on a fantasy of racial and cultural difference.

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My sense of my own importance began to increase, as if my yellow hair which hung lifelessly round my face had turned into shining gold, and my speech into pearls […]. Instead of finding fulfillment in these relationships, Suzanne is exploited.

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Amira Jarmakani, a literary critic who is working on a book about sheikh romances, argues the novels code their sheikh characters as racially other by reproducing a popular conflation and confusion of ethnicity, religion, and geographical origin. I read holding the book slightly under the table, concealing the Harlequin Silhouette Desire cover because it shames me. The books offer a gentler version of the Arab world than the one I know. I know that no relationship can disregard race entirely. In the novel Women of Sand and MyrrhAl-Shaykh narrates from the perspective of Suzanne, a frumpy Texas housewife who discovers her sexuality in an unnamed desert country where her husband has been sent for work.

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Although some of the sheikh romances make attempts to deconstruct the stereotype of the meek Arab woman, this does not result in a true Arab rival for the heroine. And I must confess that I want to believe in this story. Jarmakani writes. In the same moments that I felt objectified because of my skin tone, I would also often feel guilt. I also cannot forget the character so marginalized in the stories that many leave her out completely: the Arab woman.

The sheikh romances often cast Arab women as unworthy rivals of the white heroine because Arab women are depicted as less liberated.