Trump Warns: Little Electric Pansy Cars Cause Erectile Dysfuntion

This Is Very Deflating

Alternative energy solutions are all the rage these days. Liberals are raging about the “evils” of oil and gas. They scream about the “horrors” of coal. And then they push the alternatives that are manufactured  by business sectors who provide them with the largest cash donations, aka bribes.

And the Democrats don’t even care about the consequences of these energy sources to the American people. This week President Trump revealed the truth about wind power – that windmills cause cancer – and it is well documented that solar panels give you AIDS. Now we are learning the truth about an emerging trend in auto manufacturing – the electric car. A tweet from President Trump this morning shocked millions around the globe :

He may have meant “impertinent”but that wouldn’t make sense.

That’s right. Electric cars cause impotence. Erectile dysfunction. Limp bizkit. They’ll have you shooting pool with a rope. A fizzle dizzle. A withered wand. Give you a eunuchorn. Put you in the middle of Lake Flaccid. Make you a conservative…….you get the idea.

This information has been hidden from the public by carmakers around the world as the pushed the latest trend to in pursuit of filthy lucre. But our president promised to drain the swamp, not just in government but throughout the world, and drain it he does again and again. This latest revelation proves it once again.

As expected, vehicle producers the world over are pushing back. They have already issued statements calling Trump “a liar”, “an idiot”, and a host of    other insults that only those without intelligence would use to describe the most brilliant man in the universe. Trump stands firm. We know he wouldn’t lie.

Can we expect coal powered cars soon? One can only hope.

It is expected that big oil will regain its rightful place in the energy production world and gas prices will drop drastically now that the lies have once again been brought to light. Let’s all say thank you to dear leader, President Trump.