New Interactive Theme Park Gives “The Minority Experience”

The truth is right in front of you

California is the land of theme parks. From Disneyland to Knott’s Berry Farm to Universal Studios, the state has an abundance of massive entertainment complexes that are fun for the whole family. And a new one is on its way.

Still in the planning stages, the “Birmingham Bonanza” will be opening in Southern California for a whole new and completely unique amusement experience. The theme for this one will be something never before used : it will be, as the press release describes it, “an interactive experience between guests and hosts that will illustrate for all the joyous highs and demeaning lows of living as a minority in America!”

Planned areas include the “Eric Gardner Experience”, where your little ones can experience the tittilating joy of having the life choked out of them. Imagine them playing along, saying the words, “Please! Stop! I can’t breathe!” Ha ha ha! How fun! It’ll be a time the kids will never forget.

Or how about the ever popular “Stop and Frisk” game? In this, the whole family can enjoy the adrenaline rush of being spontaneously harassed for no reason other than ……can you guess? That’s right! No reason other than the color of their skin! How quaint!

Other fun will include swinging from a tree! Shopping with store security! And many more!

It promises to be a great experience! We can’t wait! How about you?