Trump Revokes The Satanic Temple’s Tax Exempt Status

The Satanic Temple, run by leftist agents of Lucifer, was given tax-exempt status as a legal, recognized religion. The decision came from the IRS without consulting anyone else in Trump’s government to see if such a move would be okay with the President and the people who elected him.

As it turns out, President Trump is not okay with the Devil having a free ride in America. He dispatched an order to the IRS to rescind the status “immediately, without delay, and as quickly as possible.” White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Art Tubolls, made a statement:

“President Trump had no idea Satan was getting special treatment. He has revoked the tax exempt status of the ‘church’ in question and sent their dossier to the FBI to determine if they can be deemed a terrorist organization.”

That sounds more like it. Everyone knows the Devil is the bad guy, right? So why is this even a question? This country was founded by Christians for Christians, and we allow other peaceful people like Catholics to stay. These people are just plain sick. Don’t they know what the bible says about this stuff?

The bottom line is, they won’t be eating any tax-free goat heads or writing off their jackal’s blood as a business expense. Thank you, President Trump, for ensuring that the American way of life stays American!

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