Obamalama : Liberals In Alabama Want A New State

The truth is right in front of you

Alabama has always been staunchly conservative, a “red state” through-and-through. The vast majority of the state’s population are god fearing Christians who live their life by the principles of the Bible and are happy with the status quo. But, of course, there are dissenters on the left.

Liberals in Alabama, tired of not being able to fornicate on the streets and slaughter children at will, are pushing for separation. They want to create a new state within Alabama where their hedonistic ways will not be opposed. And they want to name it after the king of debauchery, Barack Obama. The name they’ve chosen?


Communist J.T. McSeifert gave us a brief description of their “utopia” :

“In Obamalama there will be no class distinction. All money will be distributed evenly. There’ll be no more trips to the grocery store. Just bread lines where you can meet your neighbors and get to know people. Stores are cold, man. Line-ups are family.

No more 1%. All will be 100%. No need for pigs. Screw the man! It’ll be like heaven on earth!

And the sex! Wow, man, it’ll be like one big nude beach. Do it wherever you want. No more clothing. No more social conventions. Free flow dope and communal love!

Oh wow, man, just talking about it got me all worked up! Excuse me. I have to find a honey.”

As J.T. tells it, Obamalama will be a constant orgy. A crime against morality.

The proposal will go to a statewide referendum next month. 50% +1 will allow a 51st state