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  • Years old:
  • 50
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  • Icelandic
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  • I’ve got big blue eyes
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  • My Zodiac sign Scorpio
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  • Classical
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  • Listening to music
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  • No


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HE is not only abusive, he is a real horrible and disgraceful human being. The real answer to this girls question should be: undeniably YES, he is abusive! See if you can find the feelings using this fresh vocabulary of hateful, berating terms. I suggest that you strongly consider doing just that. The true indicator, however, is how he would respond if you did ask him to stop.

Most persons would interpret their use as insulting, taunting, disrespectful, mistreatment, demeaning or derogating, to name a few. Little knives that whittle away at your precious heart and soul. If not, then your friends have reason to be concerned. I am afraid of what he could do to me, but I try not to show it. As for that thick skin. But abuse means something that harms.

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Submit Your Own Question to a Therapist. After almost 2 decades of his patronizing, superior words and attitudes, I finally left. Generally, how we speak to people is a reflection of how we think of them and usually a strong predictor of how we treat them. He treat the women on his job like queens and the outsider, but its just something with me he just nasty. I am so over this and so things that he have sad to me it will never leave my mind, but i try to keep it moving.

Is it abuse when my partner calls me names?

You should never talk to a women like that, girlfriend or not. Only you can decide if your relationship is working for you. Ask him to help you find YOU. There is something called paradoxical intervention which is basically prescribing the exact opposite of what you want.

Using dismissive, disrespectful, or derogatory language tends to distance us from the humanity of the other person and allows us to ignore their feelings and needs. I had been so completely disassembled it took years before I began to resemble my former self. None of should have to live with being made to feel so hurt and unworthy of love. Mainly, they are concerned about some of the language he uses with me. If he can put down someone he is in a relationship like this, imagine this guy interacting with strangers and people who can do nothing for him.

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I grew a pretty thick skin when I was with him. Only you can decide if it is a loving relationship enough to out way what could be termed his uncouth verbalization.

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Those are warning s to pay attention to. This may not happen intentionally, but it is often a side effect of that kind of practice. Privately, a couple of friends have told me my boyfriend is being emotionally abusive when he calls me names, and that I should not tolerate it. Talk to a male therapist about your feelings.

Does he help build you up when you are feeling low? Only weak little people treat their girl like that.

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I agree with Mercy. Yes this is abuse and it sickens me that someone would ever behave in that way. You deserve better than this nasty, controlling man. Do you feel like he is your one fan and will support you through tough times?

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It is important, however, to pay attention to how your boyfriend handles conflict and responds to your feelings. I would encourage you, however, to think beyond the words and explore how your needs are being met in the relationship and how you feel when you are with this person. I can tell you that the longer you wait, the deeper the damage. Usually the abuser also progressively tries to isolate their partner from friends and family to prevent this.

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I am afraid of my mom telling me how I was wrong for not saying anything earlier, I am very closed to my parents. The goal is to slap the calluses off of your ears and your heart. We live with them for now but the thought of moving out with him makes me nervous because if he treats me bad now I can imagine how bad he will treat me when no one is around. Blessings, Brian. I know its verbal abuse because I read about it all the time. Because he call me nasty names all the time.

Hello I am currently in the same situation engaged to someone who has a kid and calls me names every time he gets frustrated with me or mad. Do you feel cared for, loved, and respected?

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I sometimes sit there and ask my self what should I do? This self feeding cycle progressively worsens. I wish I could tell them how emotionally abusive he is! He does this thing that I hatehe makes me feel bad so as if I was responsible for his mouth or actions. As a Domestic Violence Counselor, I can tell you that this cycle can easily progress to physical abuse in time. There is a difference. The original author deals correctly in my not so humble opinion ,with how it needs to be examined in the context of the relationship in general.

The way this works is the opposite…. Either way it is a dependency. A man treating you well might teach you something about your needs and your worth.

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He likes the feeling of power he derives, but at the same time he is feeding a sense of despising you for allowing it. If the answer to these questions is no, then language is not the biggest issue in your relationship. So definitely no need to think its ok for him to call you names!

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He pulled my hair ly but I did nothing about it other than cry my eyes out alone! Like, at least one of those at least once a day, and usually way more.

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You are giving him the message each time that you will accept his behavior. So yes I would call that abuse. That is not a of someone who is willing to take in alternative perspectives or be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.

The fact he uses these words when he is angry is a red flag. Finally you could be so saintly and loving that you are above it all! He calls you these names to make you feel unworthy and humiliated.

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Do you feel your needs are valued and attended to? If you need to, get outside help. I made the mistake of telling my boyfriend that my friends considered what he was doing emotional abuseand he just got defensive and actually did it more, as if to make a point. The only people who can really evaluate how a relationship is working are the people who are in the relationship. If so, you could probably still leave this relationship with your soul relatively intact. Why should you stay with him? If you allow him to verbally abuse him you will continue to lose self respect and self esteem. He is trying to make you feel that you are lucky to be with him, demeaning you in such a way that eventually you might feel grateful that he would even want to have you.

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Do you feel good about yourself when you are with him? I am married to a man and I have to be very careful about asking him questions or saying anything to him. Why wait? Well, it keeps anyone from ever getting that close to my heart again.

I continue to hope and try to open my heart but every time I get close it clamps back shut.

Is he willing to adjust his habits if they are hurtful to you? Your friends are absolutely right to be concerned for you. What your little boyfriend needs is a serious lesson! Please fill out all required fields to submit your message. If you decided you did not want to be called those names, even affectionately or playfully, would he respect your wishes or would he dismiss them?

Abuse is a term with the connotation of wrong, bad, therefore to be condemned. You are worth so much more than that. It could be a case of no harm, no foul. Do you think I am being abused? That said, the behaviors you are describing would naturally raise concerns with those who care about you.

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