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My husband and I have our own outrageous life bucket list—big stuff like visiting all seven continents, going to a Super Bowl himtouring Dollywood me. Also on the list was to live in New Orleans—and after eight years of bustling city life in NYC, we drove a U-Haul filled with square-feet worth of furniture along with one fat cat to the Crescent City. My husband and I visited often and volunteered here after Hurricane Katrina—but being a resident is a totally different story.


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People are not in a hurry and enjoy simple things in life such as food, listening to the music, and interacting with people. What do you miss the most about your home country? In the political debate, an important Andrea comes from Calabria. What are your favourite dishes? Welcome back You have already ed up with thisplease password to proceed.

After living and studying in Florence for many years, he booked a flight to Portland Looking for a job in a foreign country is not always an easy task. Do you feel that you have adapted to your new life? What is the process of moving to the U. What is your favourite thing about New Orleans, and what is your least favourite?

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What is one thing that you will take with you from New Orleans? The cost of living, in comparison to big cities in the U. But coming from France, the cost of living is high. Then, the hardest part was to find a company in the U. From France, I sent spontaneous applications to many potential employers, explaining the process of a J1 visa. About Maria Iotova I'm a freelance journalist and editor for the travel, non-profit, and news sectors. I would say the enormous mosquitoes are my least favourite thing.

Buses are convenient because they are equipped with bike racks on the front so you can ride your bike and then continue by bus.

What brought you to new orleans? how long have you been here?

And of course, I miss my people, my friends and family. What has surprised you the most about New Orleans?

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I miss exploring France and its various landscapes and cultures. My best tip will be to download the app I created for soon-to-be expatriates. I'm a freelance journalist and editor for the travel, non-profit, and news sectors. Here, many people live in charming and colourful shotgun houses -- long and narrow houses where one room le to the other. I also feel I have a healthier lifestyle here, riding my bike, being less tired, and more positive.

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He currently lives Presidential elections in the United States are already well underway. What is your opinion on the cost of living in New Orleans? I miss good transportation that is also cheap and easily accessible. She loves cycling to work, seafood gumbo, and the friendliness of the people. I am currently living in New Orleans, Louisiana where I work on the creation of a civil rights museum and educational space with an overall mission to undo structural racism. They easily open up for small talk with anecdotes and personal stories. There is always a brass band practicing on the street corner or a free park festival during the weekend.

New Orleans: Where a French expat finds enthusiasm for life Expat interviews. Some neighbourhoods of are also highly walkable. I love the architecture of the city, its artsy vibe, and the warm weather. My enthusiasm for life. I would say the Southern hospitality. I plan to go back to France to see family and friends, and then I might go to Canada or Mexico for a while, or stay in France.

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It requires a good set of knowledge, an While living abroad is a popular desire of many worldwide, the ongoing COVID pandemic is presenting challenges Dating in a foreign country can be intimidating. I found out that the J1 visa under the Professional Career Training Program was the best way to get a professional experience without frightening employers with paperwork. How do you move around? Are there activities for people who enjoy nightlife? I spent Christmas with an American family, and it was fantastic to immerse myself in a different world.

New orleans cost of living

People here know how to enjoy life, but they are tangled in issues of gun violence and poverty. They support Louisiana's francophone communities through various programs. I would like to go to California and Oregon to explore nature -- a landscape very different from Louisiana. What are the biggest holidays in the U. What is some essential etiquette in New Orleans and the U. How do you find the lifestyle in New Orleans? I do also like taking the bus and streetcar but are not as reliable and fast as cycling.

From my experience, the best way to move around is by bike. New Orleans forces me to pause and enjoy life at its best. I wanted to stay for longer, so I was looking at work visas. As the birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans has many bars featuring live music and swing dancing. A magical city rooted in rich history and culture. Where are you from, what are you doing in New Orleans, and what were you doing before you arrived?

For me, slow pace and hospitality define the lifestyle in New Orleans. I have been captivated by this city since my first road trip in the Deep South in After six years working and living in ParisI had wanted to move abroad, and my dream came true when a professional opportunity came up in New Orleans.

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How long have you been here? My favourite dish is seafood gumbo. Share your most memorable experience in New Orleans or the U. What do you think of the local cuisine? Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Independence Day are the biggest holidays in the U. However, in Louisiana, Mardi Gras is the most popular, celebrated for two weeks before the holiday with parades and parties. After a few months, I was lucky to find an employer who wanted to use my expertise and skills, and who is also located in the city I truly wanted to live in. Hi Celine, please introduce yourself.

If you had to advise an expat on five items to bring with them to New Orleans, what would they be? I miss having affordable bread, cheese, and wine. Published on at by Maria Iotova. What are your plans for the future? Can you give some useful tips that soon-to-be expatriates in New Orleans might benefit from?

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Yes, completely. Housing and healthy food are expensive.

Hi celine, please introduce yourself. where are you from, what are you doing in new orleans, and what were you doing before you arrived?

I have been living here for over a year and a half. Many people use their bicycle to commute to work. The friendliness and hospitality of locals. Alessandro relocated permanently to the United States in after obtaining his Green Card. It was precious spending my time eating gumbo, talking about customs, and meeting generous people. Except for the terrible ro full of potholes, the city is friendly to cyclists thanks to the flatness of the land, bike lanes on most ro, and one way-streets.

You may be worried about the right things to say, how to Known as the biggest city in the United States, New York is home to world-famous monuments and jaw-dropping views Renting is the most popular type of accommodation in Los Angeles, and there is always a plethora of options Consequently, it is a country where Miami is a large city in the South East of the United States, part of the biggest metropolitan area in the state You need no formal introduction to the glitz and glamour of the Magic City, coupled with the deep blue oceans and If you wish to know more, please consult our Cookie Policy.

Follow her unique expat story in New Orleans as we unfold it, and learn more about this expat destination from someone who found home away from home in it. When the employer confirmed my position, I went through a deated sponsor to supervise the application process to obtain my visa from the U. It took about six months to complete the process.

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