Ocasio-Cortez To Remove Trump From New York Ballot


She’s at it again.  The diminutive liberal leprechaun of the Democratic Congress has come up with yet another way to act against the will of the American people.  After scaring away Amazon, attempting to ban motorcycles, and a host of other chicanery, the socialist Cinderella Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez filed paperwork with New York’s election board to have President Trump removed from the 2020 ballot unless he releases his tax returns.  Article 3, section 12a of the Empire State’s legal code vaguely allows for such action.

Cortez spoke with New York’s Daily Cockaroach about the move:

“It’s like, a gesture, you know?  Like, how come he won’t let us see his taxes? Every other presimedent did.  Okay?  And no one likes him in New York anyway.   That’s why no one here will do business with him.  He’s a con man and a thief.  Omigod.  Is it 3 already?  I have to go for my bikini wax.”

Ocasio-Cortez adds to her congressional salary by working at the hot dog place in the mall. Adorable.

Critics see the attempt at blocking Trump from getting votes in his home state as a childish and doomed tantrum, as the paperwork will likely be overturned by the state’s supreme court, if challenged.  Yet, so far no one has.  Let’s start boycotting their pizza and Billy Joel.

“Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, Johnny Ray, South Pacific, Walter Winchell, Trump can suck my balls…”

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