Pelosi Issues Order to Place Barr Under ‘Congressional Detention’


Thursday afternoon, the Democratic Congress’ harassment of Attorney General Barr continues, as Speaker Nancy “Bourbon Babe” Pelosi issued an order placing him under “Congressional Detention”, a rare power of the Speakership that has only been used once, back in 1905, when Templeton Peck placed Harding’s AG Johnston Featherass in the same position for refusing to empty his own chamber pot in the West Wing.

While in Congressional Detention, Barr will be forced to remain seated within the library of Congress, where he will be given mundane tasks to perform, along with 4 other detainees, Brett Kavanaugh, who is being punished for giving Lindsey Graham a “wedgie”, former prom queen Kellyanne Conway, anti-social misfit Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, and drug addict Stephen Miller.  Insiders believe the detention will end only when the quintet discover that they all have common traits, and dance to Karla DeVito’s single : “We Are Not Alone.”

Not gay.

Pelosi truly may be pushing her authority too far this time, and may end up being locked out of the room if she isn’t careful. Her constant maneuvers may make her the person who ended up begging America not to…forget about her.

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