Pence: ‘Jesus Will Get You Through Any Disaster’

The truth is right in front of you

Each year in hurricane season, much emphasis is put on being ready, on being fully prepared should such a disaster occur, and rightfully so. Hurricanes can be devastating to residents of much of the southern coast, destroying property and taking lives. Power is often lost and basics like food, clean water, and medical supplies can be difficult to find.

This is why disaster relief organizations like FEMA stress to the public to have in their homes and vehicles “Hurricane Readiness Kits”. Typically, such kits would contain first aid supplies, non-perishable food, water, flashlights, batteries, etc. FEMA, in fact, will make these available to the public at a very low cost or free depending on resident’s income levels.

Vice-President Mike Pence has been tasked with finding ways to trim the FEMA budget and these kits are to be his starting point. He says :

“Though they seem important, there is always a simpler and better way. ….God.”

This has been a common element in policy and budgetary decisions for VP Pence – the power of faith. He is preaching exactly what this nation has been yearning for – trust in the power of the Lord to get us through tough times ……instead of relying on the government.

Pence took some time on a recent trip to Florida to show the people exactly what he means. Speaking at the Miami City Hall, Pence told us how God supports him.

“The Lord’s word can get you through anything. Faith moves mountains.


Pence then took the press to his car, where he popped the trunk to show all what he meant.  Inside was a Hispanic man in his late forties, bound and gagged, eyes bulging with terror, gardening supplies by his side.


Jesus Garcia had been missing for two weeks.

Pence is currently awaiting trial in city lockup for kidnapping. Mr Vice-President, our thoughts and prayers are with you.