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Looking to start a new relationship? For some, that may mean meeting a new love interest online. Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to meet people. And many forge successful relationships.


I ask myself, could he really be an honest person, and not a scammer? Then I wrote I m out of here and goodbye.

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From Naples. Tells her he wants to buy her a car and take care of her and her kids. All these sound similar. I have reverse image searched all his photos and boom, he's like a ghost.

So watch the video, learn moreand pass it on. The guy goes by name of Jerry Foster. I met a guy dating site Afro Introductions. I must remember the warning.


Then when they were to meet the second time he had his mom pass away from heart issues in Peoria dating scams and had to go there because his 3 yr. Goes by many other names. Every time I asked for a recent photo he sends pics from this guys Face Book. My friend was playing along with a woman that was on pof she wanted him to send information so she could get money from her d inheritance she wanted him to take a pic of his driver's and ssn and full name and it to her she says she is talking to an attorney she is a big time scammer my friend told her to shove it her name she goes by is rose a standley and she says she lives in Colorado springs.

Then share it with your friends. Not long after meeting him he claimed he had to travel to Poland for business. Appears on Facebook,Instagram,Twitter. Claims name is Seith Laing an electrical engineer, widowed 8 years ago, has a grown daughter.

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Just be careful when getting into anything online. Oh, he's good, says all the right things, sometimes I almost convince myself to do itbut then common sense sets in. He said that's ok.

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I truly love him and want to be with him and I believe he loves me. After Tinder we communicated on WhatsApp ad he suggested. She says he is from La is a private electrical contractor went to Turkey just before Covid hit got stuck there with no flights leaving and even sent her the supposive contract without her asking.

Have photos of him if anyone know this guy. He just wants your money.

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He slid in my IG. Very handsome. I do have pics. All the warning s are there. Check out this video about how to spot and protect yourself from romance scams. I did find out through Social Catfish that the picture he used is someone else.

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Same guy but asked for 3, My mom sent Is about Salt and pepper beard but mostly white Lavish clothing and apartment. I did because I was interested in knowing more about a rig and the salary was right there too. Asks for bank info. He has really touched me emotionally but I know the advice would be to stop this now.

My kids say ma this man is scamming you no way he really loves you and wants to marry you.

Has an online love interest asked you for money?

Writes beautiful poetry and lately been calling me his Juliet. He really was a good talker never spoke Peoria dating scams him or vids. Working on oil rig in the Atlantic for British petroleum, loved me in 2 weeks, has 2 girls in boarding school, wife died 3 yrs ago car accident, no family, he wanted 3, to cm see me and wanted me to write his company. After different problems on Cyprus he suddenly can t get his check for his work before he pays income tax etc I Knew he was fake now, asked to see his passport which took me 1 second to see it was fake.

He claims to be an engineer, Living in Helsingborg in Sweden, Wind turbine specialist and suddenly before our first date he had to go to Cyprus on a project. He was quick to say I love you and wanted me to do the same.

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He contacted me through a facebook post, and suggested we talk through the hangouts app. I asked her has he asked for money she says no. After about a week the requests started coming, for gift cards needed to supposedly update his iphone.

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He will figure it out, but he didn't. What happens to elders who fall prey to this loosing all of their money and who reside in assisted living in regards to the 5 years look back for medicaid eligibility? Yes, the same M. He asked for all that and alot more from me. Then when coming back in finally for flights he asked her to search for he had shown to have a fever at airport then stayed there in London area for 5 weeks for Covid treatment and rehab. I feel sooooo stupid Very vulnerable.

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General Contractor. Met on a dating app, Mingle something. I have been involved on line with a person, who said originally that he lives in the Washington DC area, also in L A. He had to leave to work on an infrastructure contract deal in Scotland. The guy says he from Portugal is an only child. Please help me sort this out.

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He needs money to secure the contract. Has 11Yr old daughter Sophia. Elling Strand.

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What was this guy's name? I really enjoyed him but if he seems too good to be true he probably is. But there are steps you can take — and then tell someone about. Please report.

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Oil Rig Norway. Why would he need my money to get to me? Had to go to Dubai for a job and needs Im not sending anything but does this sound familiar to anyone? Hello All, I have a feeling my sister getting scammed she had a guy message her on Instagram then ask her to hangouts they been chatting for like 5 months. David, 51, from Brooklyn,Ny. Always contacting me on WhatsApp.

My family found out about the phones and they are angry with me and have threatened to get guardianship over me. I'm talking to an Alex Dominique from Columbia by birth. Right away, he was very romantic, said all the right things. Does anyone else feel this way? Did you ever get photos of him?

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I may enjoy the compliments and the poetry but get serious. It would seem that he makes plenty. I said no. I figured him out very fast but pretended I was interested and did also become so but the whole time I had the feeling something was not right and so I was right.

After that ends up in Dubai trying to win a multimillion dollar contract for his own electrical contracting company. Lives in Indiana now. No where found on social media.

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A scam is a dishonest attempt to obtain money or something else of value.