LA Installs Crack Pipe Vending Machines; Pelosi Approves, Wants Expansion

The truth is right in front of you

Hy Ossakyte, the Democrat Mayor of Los Angeles, has approved the distribution of crack pipes through vending machines within the LA County City Limits in order to “take advantage of a tremendous opportunity,” as he put it.

In a city council vote yesterday, a resolution passed for crack pipes to be sold in “as many public locations as possible” through city installed and maintained vending machines, similar to those seen for purchase of sodas or snacking items. The machines will be decorated in colorful designs to attract the eye and their contents sold for a mere 25 cents to make the pipes accessible to all.

And Nancy Pelosi, who represents the district, is fully in favor of the idea.

“Drug users are people too. For others we have community centers and amusement parks and such to make sources of entertainment and hobbies more readily available. But what of the drug user’s hobby? What do we do to give him or her freer access to that which they need for their recreational activities?

These machines are the perfect solution. The pipes are cheap, they’ll be available everywhere, and they’ll be available to people of all ages. From the diehard senior citizen to the curious newcomer, all will be able to purchase the tools they will need to further or begin a career in drug use, further enabled through easily approved welfare funds and de facto decriminalizarion of possession.

We’re getting there, people! Elect a blue wave!”

What of those wanting hallucinogens for recreational activities, Nancy? Typical of democrats to exclude.

The speech was met with some jeers from the right-minded by they were hugely drowned out by the loud, joyous cheers from the thousands of drug addicts there to witness history, however dangerous.

Now is the time to bring in the opposite of Nancy’s desire. We need a red wave to prevent this lunacy. And we need it now.