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During the holidays, they would organize celebratory meals to share with their neighbors in suburban Pnom Penh.


But as fierce dating site competition has increased dramatically over the last decade, instead of bettering the site, Blossoms has reduced itself to being just another scammer infested website I saw one female profile, in particular, I wanted to write, so I took advantage of a CB discount coupon they were offering.

Are cherry blossoms safe?

Better yet, avoid all the subscription fees, K-1 visa fees, immigration legal fees, translations fees, dowry fees, citizenship fees, monthly drain on your pocketbook having to support all her aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, brothers, sisters, mother, father and God knows who elseand instead work on finding a local woman already established in your home country.

We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. For example excluding women from certain countries doesn't work. Support seems to be on drugs. Cherry blossom is a scam. I have worked with the people on CB and I have never had a problem with their customer service, visa help, or talking to women there.

If you will be genuine, and real, and very respectful and treat them like women and not objects, you will have many beautiful kind women to choose from. Their response has been ZERO! They are based in Hawaii USA and they have a business phone that is available to members even non paying members.

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Tip for consumers: Do not too many photos and the first time they delete your profile, ask for a chance to come back, because they give you a chance, but come back just to take your pictures and delete all the data from this terrible site! What did I do? The selection is much better as well.

Just watch out for women who wants to go on. To me they seem eager to find a husbomnd and start a family. Instead, I will say 1. You'll save yourself a lot of time, headaches, and a boatload of money by doing so! It's easier to de-authorize payment on PayPal's site when you close your.

If you are good, you are treated badly, the scamers really, and the Lady Boys stay there asking for money without any problem! Under your picture is your status. But they could allso be good scammers.

Why cherry blossoms?

EDIT: I've been asked if this is a legit company. Once upon a time this was a great international matching making website! And I agree, fat, old and a horror men, just this there, except for very rare exceptions! If you want to try it, be sure to use PayPal for payment. Depends on what you choose as your status. CherryBlossoms ranks 40th among Asian Dating sites.

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I wanted to take my pictures from there, but they don't give me that opportunity, they just delete the person's profile and leave it exposed there. I tried that with no success. Like any other website, you will run into liars and scammers, however CB removes, and bans their ip address if you report them and they find proof of their bad deeds. I can go on for hours with reasons why to stay away from this site. On the site, a woman is practically obliged to be kind to anyone, I don't think she should be rude, but in the 21st century, forcing a woman to respond to a rude, rude man, whom she did not like is the culmination of the absurd.

These "dating" sites are loaded with females and she-males looking for their next victim.

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Too many men have the American arrogant attitude that somehow a relationship with a foreign woman will make them her master. Be a good match for them, and you will have success.

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What I discovered was a lot of false profiles featuring overly attractive women, numerous repeat photos, and old stale members being rehashed as new, fresh members, making the site look bigger and more active than it really is, all to entice people like you and me to and separate us from our hard-earned money. Most of the are fake, everyone I contacted was a scammer, asking for money, fake pictures etc.

Once youyou will not be successful in getting any type of refund. You will be accepted and loved for who you are. The profile I wrote to quickly ended up being a scam. However, when you choose "Busy" for example, you can still receive chat requests. And most of all the member here is a scammer. They deal with scammers and insincere men who are just looking for online sex or even worse pretend to love them just to have a sex vacation and then ghost them.

Most of the problems are in the site itself. They just offer to teach you how to navigate the site in order to avoid such scammers and find your true love. I am not obligated! They are clever and patient. Once they think they have you, you'll start hearing about hardships and sick relatives that need medical care. Funny that those women all was from Ukraine. My got suddenly banned because I did something. That was my question and they told me they can't tell me reason because they don't know it.

I looked at the site a lot, there are a lot of elderly men, poorly cared for and poorly educated, and a gentleman whose profile picture was of him as a young man, sent me an and when I saw his pictures, I did not reply, Point blossoms dating reviews they did not reveal the truth about who he was, only the photos inside the profile.

Call them during regular business hours in Hawaii and they will answer. Some have asked for and when i say there is no need foras we can use the site they get very upset. Very few other websites do this!

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These are mostly women looking for love and marriage. My favorite was the woman whose goat herd had been stolen by bandits and needed money to replace them, otherwise, her family would starve. There is a special place in hell for guys like that. I've heard people who use credit cards are being billed for months after they have closed their. Don't waste your money. It can say "online", "busy", "working", etc. If you're looking for a Filipina, then go to the Philippines and find one in person. Most of the women on CB are authentic and sincere.

Tip for consumers: Simply don't. Features do not work and there are errors all the time. Only few of them asked for money and a lot of them invited me to come and visit. Most important, they charge a reasonable fee for a 1 month membership. If you have that "she'd be lucky to have me and come to the USA" attitude, please don't bother these Point blossoms dating reviews. You are supposed to be able to choose "invisible" and you won't show up as being online It just changes your status to "invisible. CherryBlossoms has a consumer rating of 2. Products used: I put a star on some items based on what some men told me about prices, women don't pay, but it's a very embarrassing site!

People's photos get stuck there and other people take them to make fake profiles. That was the first of many! They can still see and contact you. I met my wife there and I have had no complaints. Just beware.

Overall rating – /10

Just be nice, respectful and kind. But yeah, it isn't automatic and you will have rejection and it takes a bit of time to develop a relationship. The mindset in such places by most-parts is of no ambition other than hand-to-mouth existence at someone else's expense. On the website there are many gay men who pretend to be women and deceive others, the Lady Boys.

But all in all it seems legit. I've received 1 min.

What reviewers want you to know

They dont want to isued other app only. Some are almost impossible to tell apart from real women. The website is very bad, be careful with the photos you post there! Cherry Blossoms is cheap compared to other sites, but you get what you get what you pay for If you can put up with the crappy website, most of the women are legit.

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I have never met any of the women from this site, but i have been on Skype with many of them and seem them for real. Do yourself a huge favor and pass on ing Cherry Blossoms. Off to such a poor start, I thought I'd put my detective hat on and dig deeper into the situation. It is unfortunate that most of their female members are only from the Asian countries, but if you have patience you CAN meet a good woman there. I was poorly attended and discriminated against by the site management and some users!

Which closer to scammer. Rates are reasonable, and CB is legitimate in their business dealings. I heard reports of men there sending money to Filipino women without knowing they were married, they supported their family, one of them Point blossoms dating reviews this only when he arrived in the Philippines. Next came the countless women bombarding my box with professions of true love, all immediately trying to move me over to a private address, to which they would quickly launch into every bleeding heart story, situation, and predicament you can possibly imagine with hopes of landing a sucker to squeeze money out of.

I replied, "It is not my job as a paying customer to sort through profiles trying to determine if they are real or scammers when your subscribing customers are paying you to do that job for them!

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