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Based on the risks inherent to the food operation, during inspections and upon request, the person in charge shall demonstrate to the health authority knowledge of the prevention of foodborne illness, application of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point principles and the requirements of this chapter.

Employees are properly sanitizing cleaned multiuse equipment and utensils before the equipment or utensils are reused, through routine monitoring of solution temperature and exposure time for hot water sanitizing, and chemical concentration, pH, temperature and exposure time for chemical sanitizing.

May obtain food at a facility that provides services such as custodial care, health care or assisted living, including, without limitation, or adult day care center, kidney dialysis center, hospital or nursing home, or nutritional or socialization services, including, without limitation, a senior center. Food employees shall keep their hands and the exposed portions of their arms clean.

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Having no utility connection, having a utility connection that disconnects quickly or having a flexible utility connection line of sufficient length to allow the equipment to be moved for cleaning of the equipment and the adjacent area. Portable, mounted on casters, gliders or rollers, or provided with a mechanical means to safely tilt a unit of equipment for cleaning; and. The bagged food is rapidly chilled or refrigerated at temperatures which inhibit the growth of psychrotrophic pathogens.

Except during a confirmed outbreak, the person in charge may reinstate a food employee who was symptomatic and not diagnosed if the food employee is asymptomatic for at least 24 hours. The State Board of Health will review each edition or revision of the publication adopted by reference pursuant to subsection 1 to ensure its suitability for use in this State. There exists poisonous or toxic materials which are labeled, stored or used improperly or inadequately. The person in charge shall ensure that a conditional employee:.

Items that contain an ingredient which is raw, undercooked or without otherwise being processed to eliminate pathogens. For a food establishment to be exempted pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, it must:. Includes the serving of food or a temporary food establishment as part of the event. The term does not include food which contains eggs only in a relatively small proportion, including, without limitation, cake mixes.

Is bacteriologically safe and otherwise suitable for drinking; and.

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Modified atmosphere packaging includes a reduction in the proportion of oxygen, total replacement of oxygen or an increase in the proportion of other gases, including, without limitation, carbon dioxide or nitrogen. In accordance with the provisions of this chapter and chapter A of NAC, the following employee health conditions apply:. The food sold or offered for sale by a food establishment that has been exempted pursuant to the provisions of NRS The handling of food, including cooking food, opening containers of bulk food and repackaging or processing food of any kind, is not allowed within such an establishment.

A defect or condition exists in the system supplying potable water which may result in contamination of the water. Substances that are not necessary for the operation and maintenance of a food establishment or food processing establishment and are on the premises for retail sale, including, without limitation, petroleum products and paints.

Food from an unapproved or unknown source, or food which is or may be adulterated, improperly labeled, misbranded, contaminated, showing evidence of temperature abuse or otherwise unfit for human consumption, which is found in a food establishment. Except when approval is obtained from the health authority, employees are preventing cross-contamination of ready-to-eat food with bare hands by properly using suitable utensils, including, without limitation, deli tissue, spatulas, tongs, single-use gloves or dispensing equipment. Domesticated bird, including chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guineas, ratites or squabs, whether live or dead; and.

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Toilets and facilities for washing hands are not provided, properly installed, deed, fully operable and accessible. Such return shall comply with provisions outlined in chapter A of NAC or as approved by the health authority. In the case of floors, walls and ceilings, a floor, wall or ceiling having an even or level surface with no roughness or projections that render it difficult to clean.

The health authority shall allow a food employee who was infected with an enteric disease to return to work in a food establishment if laboratory confirmation determines the food handler is no longer infectious.

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Discharges used water, waste materials or sewage directly or indirectly to the drainage system of the premises. A person employed in a food establishment not practicing strict standards of cleanliness and personal hygiene which may result in the potential transmission of illness through food.

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In the case of nonfood-contact surfaces, a nonfood-contact surface of equipment having a surface equal to that of commercial grade hot-rolled steel free of visible scale. The food employee does not work with exposed food, clean equipment, utensils or linens, or unwrapped single-service or single-use articles.

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The term includes the reminder described in NAC There is no risk of transmitting a disease that is transmissible through food; and. The person in charge shall:. The term includes, without limitation, medicine, first-aid supplies, cosmetics and toiletries, including toothpaste and mouthwash. The term includes an edible human food product derived in whole or in part from fish, including, without limitation, fish that have been processed in any manner. Polish dating in the Nevada the Board does not give such notice, the edition or revision shall be deemed part of the publication adopted by reference pursuant to subsection 1.

If, after the public hearing, the Board does not change its determination, the Board will give notice within 30 days after the hearing that the applicable edition or revision is not suitable for use in this State. Employees are properly trained in food safety, including, without limitation, food allergy awareness, as it relates to their ased duties. A person infected with a communicable disease that can be transmitted by food is working as a food handler in a food establishment. Food employees and conditional employees are informed in a verifiable manner of their responsibility to report to the person in charge information about any symptoms they may have as those symptoms relate to diseases that are transmissible through food; and.

Added to NAC by Bd. Allow effective removal of soil by normal cleaning methods. The term does not include the cleaning of equipment, including, without limitation, band saws, slicers or mixers that are subjected to in-place manual cleaning without the use of a cleaned-in-place system. Substances necessary for the operation and maintenance of a food establishment or food processing establishment, including, without limitation, nonfood grade lubricants and personal care items that may be deleterious to health.

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If a food establishment fails to comply with the requirements of this section, the health authority shall revoke the exemption and close the portion of the establishment that sells food. Such food may be raw, cooked, hot or chilled, and may be consumed without further heat-treatment, including, without limitation, reheating. When applied to plumbing fixtures, plumbing connections, plumbing appliances or plumbing equipment:.

The term includes items such as wax paper, butcher paper, plastic wrap, formed aluminum food containers, jars, plastic tubs or buckets, bread wrappers, pickle barrels, ketchup bottles and 10 cans which do not meet the specifications for the materials, durability, strength and cleanability of multiuse utensils. Are dependent on the material, de, construction and installation of the surface; and. Are immunocompromised, preschool-age children or older adults; and. Is not functioning in the capacity of an operator of a food establishment or food processing establishment; and.

Cans food or packages food in packaging with a modified atmosphere. Sewage or liquid waste is not disposed of in an approved and sanitary manner, or the sewage or liquid waste contaminates or may contaminate any food, areas used to store or prepare food, or an area frequented by customers or employees. The term does not include a push cart or any similar operation. The physical facility, its contents and the land or property not described in subsection 1 if:. The provisions of this subsection do not polish dating in the Nevada if the Board gives notice, in accordance with subsection 2, that the most current edition or revision of the Uniform Plumbing Code is not suitable for use in this State.

The supply of potable water is not approved or does not meet the applicable requirements for sampling and public notification set forth in chapter A of NRS and any regulations adopted pursuant thereto, and an operator does not use items intended for a single-use and bottled drinking water from an approved source. Migratory waterfowl or game bird, including pheasant, partridge, quail, grouse or pigeon, whether live or dead. The person in charge may demonstrate this knowledge by:. Conditional on his or her responses to subsequent medical questions or examinations deed to identify potential food employees who may be suffering from a disease that can be transmitted through food; and.

In the case of food-contact surfaces, a food-contact surface which is free of pits and inclusions with a cleanability equal to or exceeding that of grit 3 stainless steel.

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A food establishment that has had its exempt status revoked must obtain a permit pursuant to the provisions of NRS Except as otherwise provided in this section, the State Board of Health hereby adopts by reference the most current edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code published by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.

A low-risk food establishment:. The term includes persons who do not show symptoms because the symptoms have resolved or subsided or because no symptoms manifested.

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Such action may include, without limitation:. Both restricted- and general-use pesticides, except sanitizers, including, without limitation, substances such as insecticides and rodenticides. Consumers are notified that clean tableware is to be used when they return to self-service areas, including, without limitation, salad bars and buffets. Desires to be eligible for the discounted fee described in NAC The term does not include a wrapper, carry-out box or other nondurable container used to containerize food with the purpose of facilitating food protection during service and receipt of the food by the consumer.

Employees and other persons, including, without limitation, delivery and maintenance personnel and pesticide applicators, entering the food preparation, food storage and warewashing areas, comply with this chapter. Is authorized by a shellfish control authority for the activities of shellstock shipper, shucker-packer, repacker, reshipper or depuration processor of molluscan shellfish according to the provisions of the National Shellfish Sanitation Program.

The physical facility, its contents and the contiguous land or property under the control of the permit holder; or. The operation of the food establishment is not conducted in polish dating in the Nevada private home or in a room used as living or sleeping quarters as provided in NRS Persons unnecessary to the food establishment operation are not allowed in the food preparation, food storage or warewashing areas, except that brief visits and tours may be polish dating in the Nevada by the person in charge if steps are taken to ensure that exposed food, clean equipment, utensils and linens, and unwrapped single-service and single-use articles are protected from contamination.

Cleaners and sanitizers, including, without limitation, cleaning and sanitizing agents, and other agents, including, without limitation, caustics, acids, drying agents, polishes and other chemicals. Written procedures and plans, where specified by the requirements set forth in this chapter and as developed by the food establishment, are maintained and implemented as required.

The term does not include any apparatus used for handling or storing large quantities of packaged foods that are received from a supplier in a cased or overwrapped lot, including, without limitation, hand trucks, forklifts, dollies, pallets, racks and skids. Consumers who order raw or partially cooked ready-to-eat foods of animal origin are informed that the food is not cooked sufficiently to ensure its safety. Supporting documents for a waiver may include, but are not limited to, operational plans, scientific challenge studies, monitoring logs, validation studies from certified processing authorities and labeling.

There exists the presence of insects, rodents or other animals which may result in contamination of food. Equipment, utensils and working surfaces are not cleaned and sanitized effectively and may contaminate food during preparation, storage or service. Substantial health hazards include, but are not limited to, the following circumstances:.

The animal-derived foods which are, or can be, ordered raw, undercooked or without otherwise being processed to eliminate pathogens; or. NRS Supplied in codification; A by Bd. When applied to equipment other than plumbing equipment, fabricated to be exposed for cleaning and inspection using simple tools, including, without limitation, handheld screwdrivers, pliers and open-ended wrenches.

The term includes mammals, including, without limitation, reindeer, elk, deer, antelope, water buffalo, bison, rabbit, squirrel, opossum, raccoon, nutria or muskrat, and nonaquatic reptiles such as land snakes. Is permanently or temporarily connected to the water distribution system of the premises and demands a supply of water from the system; or.

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