Pelosi Waits At White House Gate To Move In And Assume Presidency

The truth is right in front of you

Nancy Pelosi will go down in history as the House Speaker who jumped the gun in beginning impeachment proceedings against a president who was proven innocent later that same day. Rather than wait even 24 hours before making such a momentous decision, she forged ahead first thing in the morning and wound up being served eggs for lunch…..on her face. But she’s not done yet. It seems she has not even begun to display her stupidity for all to see.

This morning the supposed “whistleblower report” came to light before congress and, once again, democrats are jumping for joy without cause. They seem to be of the feeling that this new report – from a single source and refuted by all other sources – is the “smoking gun” that will put President Trump away. But not just Trump! They also seem to be of the opinion that Vice President Pence is implicated and that he too will be shown the door.

With all this in mind, Speaker Pelosi has prematurely decided that she, as third in line to the presidential seat, is now a shoe-in for the job. Her soon-to-be historical embarrassment is being accentuated by her location at the very moment that I write this. Mrs Pelosi is right now standing in front of the White House, belongings in hand, ready to move into the Oval Office and begin what she described as “her rightful job.”

Passers by in DC are actually stopping to point and laugh at Pelosi as she stands motionless at the gates with a huge grin on her face, fully expecting to enter in triumph and become our new representative to the world. This is the delusion that consumes this woman. This is why she is unfit for office.