Proud Boys Gavin McInnes Will ‘Make Sweet Sweet Love’ To A Man To Prove He’s Not Homophobic

The truth is right in front of you

Gavin McInnes, founder of the “Proud Boys”, made broadcast tolerance history when he forced an anal insertion upon himself while on the air, in order to prove to the world that he does not hate homosexuals.

Yet, despite this horrific, embarrassing, and seemingly incredibly painful procedure, virtually nobody on earth believes his claim of no animosity. This has befuddled and frustrated Mr McInnes, as his efforts were in true earnest. So now, he has decided to go a few steps – massive strides really, maybe even lunar leaps – further to prove his love for the LGBTQ community.

“Oh my but Obama does look tight in those jeans. Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking there. I am not a homophobe!”

On Fox’s “Hannity” show, with Sean Hannity, Gavin McInnes will have what he describes as “a rigorous, complete, mutually satisfying, emotionally connecting, and deeply penetrating romantic experience with a man” on live television.

McInnes explained his decision :

“This is not something I do everyday. It will be a completely new experience. Never before have I become lost in the musky smell of a man hovering over me, his rippling muscles glistening, his soul entering mine, deeper and deeper, until I’m lost in an ocean of bliss.

That is something I welcome experiencing for the first time. And maybe a second or a third. As many times as it takes to prove I am not a bigot. I’ll take a bunch for the team. Maybe all at once. We’ll see.

Anyways……if this doesn’t prove my acceptance to the liberals, nothing will.”

The McInnes episode of Hannity will air in August 2019.