Republican Candidate Rejected By GOP For Not Being Racist Enough

The truth is right in front of you

Joe Barron always had a strong desire to help his fellow Americans through their daily lives. He had done so by volunteering at his church, donating to worthy causes, performing social work and such. This had proved satisfying for years but then he decided he wanted to do more, to improve lives on a larger scale, to affect the causes of the country’s problems at their root. He had decided to go into politics.

Being a lifelong republican, his decision to run for that party that most shared his conservative beliefs was an easy one. The GOP welcomed him. As an active church member and businessman in his community and those surrounding, he was well-known and well-liked. An election win seemed guaranteed.

But the welcoming arms of the Party abruptly disappeared this month. Without explanation, GOP reps informed Joe that he would no longer be “their man” in his Californian community. They only offered that some “disturbing events” had been found about Joe during their vetting process that “didn’t fit with Republican values.”

Upon our own request, the RNC was more forthcoming with their reasons for rejection:

“Our internal investigation revealed some troublesome events. In particular, his past support for Trayvon Martin over the policeman that ended his life, his belief that Black Lives Matter is a civil rights movement instead of a terrorist organization, and a statement that plainly said, ‘Colin Kaepernick is not protesting the flag’

The bottom line is that Joe opposes our most basic values. He’s just not racist enough.”