Restaurant Fined $20K for Refusing to Cater for the ‘Legally Recognized’ Satanic Temple

The Satanic Temple has made its mark on our country already by being recognized as a valid religion. Worshippers of the Devil himself are now free to walk our streets, showing off their disgusting symbols of hate and fear. Now, they’re taking it one step further and imposing their will on others, attempting to destroy our Christian way of life.

A restaurant in Albany was fined $20K by the Commonwealth of Minnesota for “refusing to serve the public on grounds of religious bias.” The restaurant, named “The Holy Grail,” is a well-known local eatery and catering service owned by the 1st Baptist Church’s pastor and his family. The Satanists knew what they were doing when they came in. According to Pastor Bobby Lubiner:

“They came in wearing those dumb horns all with one white eye. It was creepy. The head kook came to the counter while the others stoofd there chanting. He demanded that we cater their next Temple meeting, knowing we’d have to refuse. I told him I couldn’t possibly do that to God. He smiled, said he’ll be waiting for me in Hell, and they left.

10 minutes later, the Sheriff showed up with that same one white eye. People don’t realize. They’re everywhere. He gave me a $20K citation and said I could go to court. Our local court is run by them now, too. It’s crazy. I think it’s time we left this state full of sin.”

The Satanic Church says it has no desire to open a lawsuit against the restaurant in civil court, as unnecessary greed and corrupt thinking are forbidden by their tenets. “The church is only interested in seeing the hypocrisy of Christianity exposed. We are your dark side, and yet we are more open, honest, charitable, and accepting than you will ever be.”

Sure, “Lucien.” And your church will someday be turned to salt. So there’s that.

Minnesota also has issues these days with an influx of immigrants. More than 3K Inuits have come down from Canada in the past hundred years, and the local culture is still feeling the impact. If not for their strong Norse ancestry, Minnesotans may have faced total extinction.

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