Peart Storms Out on Lipton After 80th Rush Lyric Joke


It was a decidedly hot time in paradise yesterday when celebrated Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart stormed out of an interview with legendary host James Lipton during an afterlife-streamed sit down last evening.  The event was co-sponsored by Tim Russert and Buddy Rich.

Proceeds from Robin Williams’ critically acclaimed “Popeye 2” will benefit the charity: “Ladders for Emmanuel Lewis.”


Peart, sometimes considered the “least wacky” member of the legendary rock trinity appeared gradually more annoyed at Lipton’s queries, punctuated by lyrical jabs related to Rush’s musical catalog.  Some excerpts below :

LIPTON – “Did you ever consider writing, perhaps, any lyrics for the composition ‘YYZ’?”

PEART – “No.”

LIPTON – “Because you believed it would be a glittering prize, or an endless compromise?”

PEART – “Because it was fine as it was, and we felt instrumentals were a lost art.”

LIPTON – “Why exactly would any maple be happy with constant shade?  Was not ‘The Trees’ simply a rewriting of Randy Neuman’s ‘Short People’?”

PEART – “I believe our song was first.”

LIPTON – “In your biggest hit ‘Tom Sawyer’, is getting ‘high’ on traded energy a metaphor for drugs or sex, and did you or any member of the group bang Aimee Man?  If so, why?”

PEART – “That’s it.  Take off.”

The conversation ended at the 34 minute mark at that point, before Lipton could finish with his infamous list of ten questions.  A follow up phone call from staffers did find that the percussionist’s favorite word was “onomotopea”, and his least favorite was “Dreamtheater.”


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