Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s First Tweet is a Disrespectful Mess

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is in a bit of hot water this afternoon after a tweet so disrespectful even President Trump has condemned it as “over the top.

In the Tweet, which was deleted — along with the entire account — RBG said:

“Here’s what happens if I ever see that cheap, rapist piece of sh*t in my neighborhood”

Now she faces serious consequences. as she has used her seat as a political pulpit and decreased the legitimacy of the bench. Chief Justice John Roberts says he’s looking into options that include forced retirement, censure, and even impeachment and removal.

Chief Clerk of Judicial Ethics, Art Tubolls, says the Constitution is clear on this issue:

“Article 4 section 3 says that Supreme Court Justices forfeit their robes when they place politics before principles, which Justice Ginsburg clearly did.”

Even though there’s no official way to remove Ginsburg, because fiction is still the opposite of fact, the Senate is working on a resolution to open some doors.

President Trump responded by calling RBG a “ruthless and evil little woman” who should have “spent more time pleasing a man than playing puppet for the real criminal, Hillary Clinton.”

One thing she will never escape is the umbrella of the people who put her in power to begin with.

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