Unemployed Illegals Stealing American Jobs In Record Numbers

The truth is right in front of you

New numbers from the Commerce Department make clear what many – including President Trump – have been saying for years: the masses of immigrants coming to our country are so lazy that, rather than search for jobs of their own, they are stealing the jobs that we didn’t want out from under us.

Trump’s voters can do anything they set their minds to.

The numbers don’t lie. Of the 300,000 immigrants to arrive on our shores in the past 5 years, 48% are gainfully employed through their educational backgrounds. They’ve taken the doctoring and lawyering jobs that should have been available to hard working Americans if they had the intelligence, desire, and wherewithal to further themselves through higher education. So what if our citizens in disappearing job markets like coal mining  refused skills training for other jobs because they trusted President Trump to help them?  They can learn! They just had absolutely no desire to!

These guys ? should have had those jobs ? immediately after their lay-offs.

The report further states that 47% of immigrants have taken jobs in areas like farm work and fast food that were available to Americans if we wanted them…..we just didn’t. But they were there if we did. If they weren’t beneath us as they are.

So there you have it, libtards! President Trump was right all along. He hasn’t lied to us yet and he never will.