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The city pays out millions of dollars in trip-and-fall settlements every year, and last time I checked, tree-trimming was on a year cycle—no joke.

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And it's possible that city arts funds could be tapped to pay for the permit. To protest the shutting down of a Little Free Library on Wilkinson Street, artist Kathryn Usher placed a stack of books on a wooden block outside her Dalzell Street home. If not, they risked further action if the matter were sent to the city attorney. Those exploiting overly broad laws to urge that they be torn down are a national disgrace.

The danger of being neighborly without a permit

Her action was in response to a notice a Little Free Library's owners, Ricky and Teresa Edgerton, received from the Metropolitan Planning Commission's zoning division—a request they cease operating it because the book swap violates city zoning law. We've constructed communities where one must obtain prior permission from agents of the state before freely sharing books with one's neighbors! This lovely movement would've never begun or spread if everyone who wanted to build a Little Free Library recognized a need to apply and pay for a permit. I wish that I was writing merely to extol this trend.

Alexis de Tocqueville would approve.

In Subscribe. In Venice, where I live, I know of at least three Little Free Libraries, and have witnessed chance encounters where folks in the neighborhood chat about a book.

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The column goes on to note that a city spokesman "said that if there is no clear obstruction, it might be possible to keep the library where it is if Cook is willing to apply for a permit. And I can't help but point out that a city tree in front of Cook's house, on the parkway strip, has untamed roots that have lifted the sidewalk a few inches, posing a clear and obvious obstruction and tripping hazard. Radical libertarians who object to all zoning and building codes are told that they're necessary to keep refineries from operating next to day care centers and to ensure that houses don't fall down in earthquakes or burn up due to faulty wiring.

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Shreveport, la

Alas, a subset of Americans are determined to regulate every last aspect of community life. A year-old in Sherman Oaks, California, felt that his little library, roughly the size of a dollhouse, "turned strangers into friends and a sometimes-impersonal neighborhood into a community," the reporter observed. The Atlantic Crossword. His column captures the absurdity of using city resources to get rid of it:.

One needn't even be a squishy libertarian to object when power ceded to government for such purposes is then used to interfere with a harmless activity to which almost no one objects.

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Americans with Little Free Libraries are acting in that venerable tradition. Instead they did good and asked permission never.

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Eventually a reprieve was grantedand the city is at work on a new zoning ordinance. Due to selection bias, they are overrepresented among local politicians and bureaucrats.

But put up a lending library and the city is at your door in a jiffy. And so they have power, despite their small-mindedness, inflexibility, and lack of common sense so extreme that they've taken to cracking down on Little Free Libraries, of all things. The L. Times followed up last week with a trend story that got things just about right. And their proposed solution is to get scarce public art funds to pay for the needless layer of bureaucracy being imposed on the thing already being done for free.

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Here in Los Angeles, the weather is so lovely that it's hard to muster the energy to be upset about anythingand a lot of people don't even know what municipality they live inso the defense of Little Free Libraries is mostly being undertaken by people who have them. In Shreveport, there was a community outcry and some much-needed civil disobedience. But the Tenn-Mann Library, at the intersection of a four-way stop, does none of those things. Having written ly about crackdowns on parkway vegetable gardens, I knew the city's argument is that you can't do anything that might block emergency vehicle access, obstruct motorists' views, impede pedestrians or make it hard to open car doors.

The man knew he was onto something "when a 9-year-old boy knocked on his door one morning to say how much he liked the little library. Steve Lopez, a local columnist, wrote about one such man, an actor who is refusing to move his little library from a parkway.

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The idea is simple: A book lover puts a box or shelf or crate of books in their front yard. Last summer in Kansas, a 9-year-old was loving his Little Free Library until at least two residents proved that some people will complain about anything no matter how harmless and city officials pushed the boundaries of literal-mindedness:.

They dubbed it an "illegal detached structure" and told the Collins' they would face a fine if they did not remove the Little Free Library from their yard by June Scattered stories like these have appeared in various local news outlets.

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The power to require permits is the power to prevent something from ever existing. The Shreveport Times reported :.

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And like most, I favor some zoning laws and building codes. Sincewhen a Wisconsin man built a little, free library to honor his late mother, who loved books, copycats inspired by his example have put thousands of Little Free Libraries all over the U. Many are displayed on this online map. Neighbors browse, take one, and return later with a replacement.