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BlindspotSeason 4. During their struggle to leave the place, Borden accidentally shot her in the abdomen and drove her to a secret cottage to patch up her wound. He and Patterson shared a relationship for a long period of time until his illegal involvement with Jane 's case put Patterson in serious trouble, threatening her job at the FBI.

She then she decided to end their relationship, coming up with as many reasons for why their relationship wouldn't work out as she could. Right after she was about to be fired, Patterson visited David at the interrogation room and broke up with him, mentioning that the love she had for her job took all of her, leaving no room for distractions.

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She's highly committed to her job, it has been stated that in the nine years she has worked for the FBIshe's never been late or missed a day of work. Characters Top Content Back.

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After taking down Shepherd and the team went their separate ways, Patterson moved to Silicon Valley and developed a successful mobile app called "Wizardville" and it became a best seller with the entire team downloading and playing the mobile game. I took an oath BlindspotSeason 1.

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This article is currently under construction. They met at the FBI where Patterson's first direct encounters with Borden were through her sessions after David's death.

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Universal Conquest Wiki. Patterson is outgoing and noted for being extremely intelligent and hard-working, traits that took her to be in charge of the science unit of the FBI in SIOC. With the exception of Kurt. Although Patterson suggested David to stop helping her on the tattoos, he disobeyed her orders and went after the arch tattoo, leading him to the Brooklyn Historical Society where they found hidden messages on a book used by spies as a communication device.


When Patterson woke up, she was taken by Shepherd who tortured her to get information about the intel the FBI had on Sandstorm. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5. BlindspotSeason 3. Patterson found out about this when Sandstorm knew about every move the FBI were making before they made it. Do you like this video?

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Blindspot Characters Top Content Back. She's a natural geek, as reflected on her vast collection of board games showed in her apartment.

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You can help the Blindspot Wiki by providing any additional information to William Patterson. She was also reluctant to get to work alongside Dr. Borden the morning after they spent the night together.

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Back in her office Patterson was scolded by Mayfair who forgave her mistake while David was being questioned. Romantically, she's insecure as it was shown on her reluctancy of letting her ex-boyfriend, Davidmove into her apartment. Borden and Patterson developed a connection during a case where they had to share a whole day together looking after a victim; they later started a relationship that ended when it was discovered that Borden was Sandstorm 's mole into the FBI. Blindspot Wiki Explore.

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Register Don't have an ? Shepherd Robert Borden Parker.

History Talk 0. BlindspotSeason 2.

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William Patterson. As an attempt to get back with Patterson, David kept following the le from the books at the library but failed to notice that the spies were given the order to get rid of anyone who could compromise their mission. Because of her efficiency, Weller ased her to study Jane Doe's tattoos as soon as she arrived to the Critical Incident Response Group.

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She also shares geeky jokes and curious facts that only a few of the team can sometimes get. David decoded the Bull Tattoo that led Patterson to an antiques shop, called Aldebaran, owned by a serial killer who kidnapped her. After torturing her Shepherd knocked Patterson out and inserted a bug into her tooth.

After David's death, Patterson realizes and admits to Jane that she was still very much in love with him and regrets wasting so much energy focusing on why things would not work.

Despite her confidence in her abilities, she has never been arrogant or conceited. It was later revealed that as a by-product of the way that she coded the app it gave her back-door access to all of her customers' devices. During their time together they performed a few illegal hacks.