Smithsonian Sued For Refusing Maga Painting

It’s long been known that The Smithsonian Museum shows a liberal bias in its exhibits. They won’t show Thurmond’s slave baby pictures or the proof of Nixon’s innocence but they will shamelessly display Monica Lewinsky’s whore dress and Michelle Obama’s jock strap. This anti-conservative slant is now evident again as they refuse to create space for the epic Maga inspired creation of legendary artist Bob Sandhu.

The artist, himself is a work of art, seen here in a state of ire because of this MAGA bigotry.

Sandhu has drawn a lovely depiction of our coming big, beautiful wall, side by side with the rugged visage of our great President Trump. Patriotic imagery in the form of flags and eagles – even a slice of apple pie! – are tastefully intermingled with the scene of our beautiful American landscape. It is truly breathtaking. But the museum describes it as “crude and garish”.

The artist had plenty to say:

”They barely even considered my work. My glorious work. This painting represents all that America is and the Smithsonian lady giggled when she saw it. America is no laughing matter. President Trump is not a joke”.

Sandhu: “I also created a ‘Warhol version’ of my creation because I’m a worthless hack with no originality.”

Sandhu filed suit against the museum, claiming they “failed to act in the interests of the nation” and “hurt his feelings”. The case will be before the courts on April 1, 2018.