Socialist California Refuses To Fly US Flag ‘Until Trump Is Gone’

The truth is right in front of you

In a movement spearheaded by Governor Gavin Newsom, Californians are vowing to take down their Stars and Stripes and never fly them again for as long as President Trump remains in the White House, angering the President and millions of patriotic American citizens across the country.

Last month, the flags in front of the Governor’s Mansion and the State Senate were lowered and cast aside like trash. Governor Newsom made this pledge to mark the occasion :

“Donald Trump – I refuse to call him ‘President’ – is not a representative of this great nation. He is a traitor, beholden not to the people of America, but to the leaders of Russia and Saudi Arabia.

His sole purpose in running for POTUS was to undermine our own republic and to strengthen those despotic regimes.

And so we will not honor the nation that elected him, nor will we honor its flag. Until such time as he is removed, either by election loss or the more just imprisonment, the State of California will symbolically reject his presidency by trashing the US flag.”

The anti-American protest has expanded to other….stuff

The move quickly gained momentum throughout the liberal state, with citizens from all corners lowering, stepping on, and destroying flags in front of their homes and businesses.

San Francisco resident, Joe LaForm explained his decision to join this protest :

“I stand by my governor. Newsom is a cool guy. He’s good looking. That makes him honest and wise. That smile! I mean, wow, the smile shows confidence and strength. And loyalty and patriotism. He’s way better looking than Trump.

Anyway, he’s my guy and what he says goes. Down with the USA! Long live the Socialist Republic of California!”

In response, President Trump is considering an end to federal funding to the state. His decision on the matter is expected soon.