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The man, Joseph McCrimon, then left his 8-year-old daughter inside the fourth-floor apartment in a public-housing project in Brownsville and shot himself in the head on a nearby sidewalk, the police said. The final act was captured by a security camera, officials said. The distraught girl called around p. Essig said on Tuesday.


Man killed, girlfriend critically wounded in attack during puerto rican day parade in humboldt park: ‘such an amazing friend’

Rather than send their turkeys to be slaughtered out of state, 44 colonies came together to form Dakota Provisions. If a Karen person needs money, she goes door to door soliciting donations from members of the community until she has enough. Their presence in Huron, South Dakota, 8, miles from their homeland, is an accident of history that has revived a dying city.

Rather than withdraw, she tried to educate her neighbors. Then-Mayor Aylward said none of the people who called him about the shooting brought up immigration. British officers promised Karen soldiers a nation of their own after the war. Today, just over a third of kindergartners and first graders are white. No one mentioned the plants where the rescued turkeys had nearly met their end, or the immigrants who would have slaughtered and processed them.

That reticence was on display in Novemberwhen President Trump pardoned two Thanksgiving turkeys, named Peas and Carrots. Eventually, they made it to Bangkok, where they would spend five years waiting for the US government to vet their application to resettle here as refugees.

Band students practice in Huron, South Dakota. The troops opened fire, killing a blind elderly woman. Her dad helped recruit some Karen friends from Minnesota to him. The live chickens in their cupboards? A white-bearded bear of a man—the pelt of an actual black bear he shot is splayed across the wall of his office—Smoky resembles a muscled Santa Claus, a role he has sometimes filled at local Christmas events.

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This is the story of how Huron—the only sizable town in Beadle County, which Donald Trump carried by 37 points in —became not only a magnet for immigrants but a place where they are celebrated. By the late s, nearlywere living in refugee camps in Thailand. When Paw came to Minnesota as a year-old inshe knew essentially no English. Are you going back?

But the middle school was committed to keeping ESL students in the same classrooms with native speakers.

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Stripped of organs and feathers, the line of identical denuded carcasses splashes into a cooling bath. After many nights spent learning English, she began a campaign to explain what had driven Karen people to the United States. More than half of frontline meatpackers are immigrants, according to a Center for Economic and Policy Research analysis, and roughly 80 percent are people of color.

Huron lost another meatpacking plant in and then another seven years later. They walked for two and a half days without food before reaching a village. The day of the closure of a hog slaughtering operation that employed people became known as Black Thursday. But most of the 1, employees are Karen, members of an ethnic group from Myanmar historically known as Burma whose families came to the United States as refugees.

No basement fish, no cupboard chickens. A worker at Dakota Provisions chooses a coat to wear after lunch. On a typical day, Soe, now 31, volunteers for the Karen Association from 8 a. Immigrants and their supporters spoke to churches and clubs to explain how Karen people had been forced out of their homeland.

Alex Potter. For hundreds of first-generation Karen Americans, whose job prospects were often limited by not speaking English, the turkey plant was the best option available. If they wanted a job, there was one waiting for them in Huron. But its success was neither immediate nor inevitable: The first Karen kuh-REN refugees were greeted with wariness, sometimes hostility.

He addressed groups like the Elks and Sertoma clubs, since elderly residents were the most critical of the new immigrants.

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Locals spend time at the Square Deal, one of the oldest bars in town. The challenge was how to get people to work in Huron, which is a mile drive from the nearest major airport, in Sioux Falls. Her eventual goal is to split time between Huron and Thailand so she can help people who remain behind in the camps. When her two teenage sisters became ill, her dad carried them.

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Just before the turkey plant opened inabout 97 percent of kids in Huron schools were white. The transformation from fowl to meat begins with carbon dioxide. Paw, now an employee of the South Dakota Department of Labor, was about 8 and hiding with her family in the Burmese jungle when soldiers surrounded their village. No place, of course, is a blissful chorus. After learning that I was there to write about immigration, the teacher asked her students born outside Huron to share where they were from.

She spoke to anyone who would listen—the Lions Club, local Democratic and Republican groups, church ladies—and answered all their questions. But city leaders were determined to overcome it. What about the fish tanks in their basements? Huron residents were being asked to tax themselves in part to pay for school integration. The school system, which once had about students per grade, now had barely in the lower grades.

Thanks to the new immigrants, the of babies born each year in Beadle County nearly doubled between and To accommodate the growing student body, Huron schools have added about employees. Many Hutterites, who speak a language derived from 18th-century German dialects, are turkey farmers. Karen youth perform at a fundraiser for the Karen Association. Its supporters promoted a ballot measure to secure a bond issue. Her family, mostly barefoot, managed to escape over a mountain. The superintendent restructured the school system to make segregation impossible. In less than 15 years, the community has gone through a demographic transformation that usually takes generations.

I just see our kids. Inthe Huron area took in more people from abroad and Puerto Rico, as a share of its 18,strong population, than any other place in the United States. Instead, the British government established a united Burma inand civil war broke out. Those friends brought their friends. Init was less than 12, But Huron is not white Americana in amber: Alongside the old mom-and-pop standbys are new Asian and Latino churches, restaurants, and grocery stores providing a new sense of vitality.

Just before I got to Huron, two Karen residents, ages 17 and 21, were arrested for allegedly shooting at and missing a police officer.

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Inthe new company announced that it would build a plant in Huron that would employ up to 1, people. The people showing Smoky around said not to bother with the people in the room, who were Karen ESL students, since he was there to recruit Hmong workers. Huron, a town that quietly undercuts so much of the narrative about immigration, was invisible. Mae Khin Chit and Dickson Sandy. It would require a two-thirds majority to pass.

Huron started down a similar path. The work is monotonous, but the workers are markedly diverse. So inas he struggled to find enough workers around Huron, he went to Minnesota to recruit at a Hmong community center. Then the girls launched into a tune. Are you legal immigrants? Inhe and his staff arrived at a radical solution: They would replace the four elementary schools with three new schools. Downtown Huron.

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The gas knocks the turkeys out; a blade finishes the job. Smoky did his own presentations. Schools are often where the veneer of tolerance is torn off.

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The elementary school band and orchestra have grown from about 25 to more thanwhile the soccer team, whose players are predominantly Latino and Karen, nearly won a state championship. Two of her students took me on a tour of the middle school. Instead of starting out segregated, kids in Huron would grow up in the same schools. Karen workers eat lunch at the Dakota Provisions turkey processing plant. She assumed Huron would be as diverse as the Twin Cities but found that she was the only Karen student at the high school. A white woman who was driving by yelled at them to stop eating it.

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He did not discover us, as we were home and they were lost at sea when they landed on our shores.


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