Space Force Starts Work On Border Force Field

Looking ahead. Always looking ahead. That’s our president. Not content to sit back and only use the technology of now, President Trump sees the future. And the future is electronic force fields.

As the President describes it:

”Walls are nice and all. They can be big! They can be beautiful! But wouldn’t it be so much better to have an invisible force field that people in the other side could see through? So they’d know exactly what the place looks like that they’ll never ever get to? They’d see America’s beauty and crave it, start running across, and then ZAP! Hahaha! That would be hilarious!”

President Trump went on to explain that such a shield could be used all around the country — not just at the southern border with Mexico but also at ocean borders and the northern expanse beside Canada.

”To keep those socialists up north out too would be the icing on the cake. If there’s anyone I hate, it’s commie Canucks.”

Opponents of the plan, led by Chris Inman, are furious.

“This insane plan will cost the American citizens everything. His stupid original wall was bad enough at $25 billion! The estimate for completion of this sham is $57 gazillion! That’s our entire federal budget for 5 years!”

Chris Inman looks as evil and delusional as he sounds.

Trump says he came up with this idea all on his own after watching a documentary series narrated by a man named Kirk. This same series is said to be responsible for the inspiration to introduce mobile phones, tablets, and an array of medical equipment…..”So why not the big one? Why not a nationwide barrier to protect us from harm and keep out the riff-raff?”

Next up on Trump’s space-age plan? A “phaser pistol”. A prototype is seen here.

America has long craved such a forward-thinking leader. And finally….FINALLY, he has arrived.