‘Undocumented Alien’ Criminal Found Deceased


Elite members of the military, known as the “Nova Corps” came across the deceased body of a wanted illegal alien this morning.  The offender, being sought for multiple murders, assaults, and instances of breaking and entering as well as trespassing, was discovered near a remote cabin.  Investigators say he was beheaded by what appeared to be a long sword, or possibly, axe.

The victim, who went by the probable gang-name : “Thanos” was not a citizen, and had been in the country illegally.  No official suspects have been named so far in the execution, but local detective Jessica Jones spoke off the record to gathered media :

“This guy was bad news, for real.  Can’t say as I’m real upset.  Off the top of my head though, head chopped off, I’d look at a guy calls himself ‘Beta Ray Bill’.  Or Bullseye.  I mean, there’s a lot of freaks running around.  Wolverine or his good-for-nothing kid Daiken.  That ‘swordsman’ idiot that was in the Thunderbolts.  Is he dead? I mean, there are literally hundreds of people or skrulls it could have been.   I say just let it go, frankly.  Excuse me, I need some liquor.”

“Too bad that wall’s not built. Totally would have kept me out.”

Anyone with any information regarding the case can contact Nicholas Fury by dialing “7” from any phone and then speaking the word : “Nullifier”.