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  • How old am I:
  • I am 19
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  • I'm spanish
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  • I'm quite fat
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  • Rock
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  • Collecting
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Prune in late February to desired size. Trim only into green growth; brown wood on conifers will not regenerate new growth. Prune while flowering or immediately after. Berry Producing Plants: holly, nandina, pyracantha, etc. Trim annually. However, the of the pruning are much better when trimmed before bud break. Prune as desired, always make top of hedge narrower than bottom.

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Perform light pruning as desired. Pruning stimulates new growth which may not have time to harden off before frost. Ornamental Grasses: liriope, pampas grass, mondo grass, etc. You may remove any deadwood from shrubs or trees.

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Prune only when grown out of their natural shape. Prune as needed. Home Pruning Calendar. Spring Flowering Trees: flowering cherry, Bradford pear, serviceberry, etc. Normally very little pruning needed. Now on Twitter. Summer Flowering Shrubs: crape myrtle, rose of sharon altheabutterfly bush, eleagnus, August flowering hydrangeas normally with white flowers Prune if shrub-like form is desired or if plants need shaping.

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Start pruning in late June and continue through July. Share on Facebook.

Pruning calendar

Cut the leggy and oldest canes near the ground. Overgrown Broadleaf Shrubs: ligustrum privetboxwood, osmanthus, photinia red tipholly, cleyera, viburnum, etc. Prune undesired and storm damaged limbs. Winter Damaged Plants Cut out any cold-damaged branches at the end of the month.

Always prune to a whorl of leaves or to the next branch. Dogwoods look best left in their natural form. Nandina Prune as needed. Trim early in the month before new spring growth begins.

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Spring Flowering Shrubs: spirea, forsythia yellow bellsflowering quince, loropetalum, breath-of-spring winter honeysuckleweigela, lilac, etc. Chrysanthemums Pinch out growth tips to make bushier plants, discontinue pinching around July 10th. Summer pruning of conifers is to shapen the plants to their desired size. Berry Producing Shrubs: holly, pyracantha, etc. Gardenia Prune immediately after bloom, not after August 10th. New shoots will develop at the location of your pruning cuts. Search this website search. Hedges: privet, abelia, holly, euonymus, boxwood, etc.

Summer Flowering Shrubs: crape myrtle, rose of sharon altheabutterfly bush, eleagnus, August flowering hydrangeas normally with white flowers. These hydrangeas usually have either pink or blue flowers.

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Share this Article Tweet this. Shape to desired form. Grapes Prune annually to improve fruit production and to make the vine training easier. Prune after flowering, but not after July 10th. Prune annually for best flower production. Crabapple Prune out water sprouts and out-of-shape limbs. Prune while in flower to prevent removal of all berries. Hydrangea: Big Leaf or Florist Prune while flowering or immediately after. For light pruning of bleeder trees See July. Make cuts using the Branch Collar Method of pruning. Shade Trees: oak, hickory, beech, black gum, poplar, sycamore, ginkgo, etc.

Use berries indoors or in wreaths as Christmas decorations Take a rest until January!! Perennials: phlox, shasta daisy, purple coneflower, rubeckia, etc.

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Hedges As needed, keep bottom branches wider than top. For more information see General Pruning Techniques. Do not trim away all of the green foliage — unlike broadleaf plants, buds will not develop from brown colored wood. Prune annually for best fruit production. White Pines should be trimmed in summer. Camellia: japonica and sasanqua Prune anytime after flowering but not later than July 10th. Remove old flowers to encourage re-bloom.

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Abelia Shape plants to desired form early in March. Prune only as needed, immediately after blooming. Light pruning involves branches of 18 inches in length or less.

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Rose Prune leggy plants only and fertilize after pruning for fall flowering. In general, cut oldest limbs near the ground level for constant rejuvenation of shrubs. Often late summer growth from the season can misshapen these plants. Mountain Laurel Kalmia Normally very little pruning needed.

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