Ayanna Presley: ‘I’m In The Squad Too! Pay Attention To Me!”

The truth is right in front of you

Ayanna Presley, the freshman House Democrat from …….um, I don’t know…..is mad. She’s been named as a Ayanna Presley: ‘I’m In The Squad Too! Pay Attention To Me!” of “The Squad” – the group of four Democrat women that Donald Trump and his lovers think are foreign born because of their ethnicity, but nobody really knows who she is. Read on as she explains her gripe:

“I’m in the squad. Maybe I’m not the squad leader, but I’m in there. There’s AOC, Rash, Illie, and me. I’m in every picture with the other three. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Yet, I’m always referred to as ‘the other one’…….if I’m mentioned at all.

This unknown gentleman offered,”I know exactly how you feel, Ariana”

I have feelings you know. Pay attention to me! I’ve done stuff. I’ve said things. Butthe focus from the racists and trumpy taters is always on those other skanks. They get all the fake stories written about them, calling them criminals, and terrorists, and whores. Did you know I haven’t received a single death threat? Not even one! But those sluts get THOUSANDS every day! Would it be so hard to at least threaten to assault me once in awhile?

I am a valuable member of the squad and I demand my due disrespect. There should be equal animosity directed toward me. It’s only fair.”

We’ll think about it. Allanah, is it?