LGBTQ Introduce New Flag

The truth is right in front of you

The LGBTQ community has adopted a new flag to be flown at some occasions instead of the traditional Rainbow flag that most are familiar with. They say they’ve done so to placate religious groups who say “The gays hijacked rainbows from god.”

It’s a simple design, featuring black and white stripes. In its middle are the symbols for the two genders intertwined, the male with its circle with an arrow emanating from it at an upward angle and the female with another circle with a cross at its base.

Happy spokesperson, Hank Helmer, told us the meaning behind the flag :

“The black and white stripes indicate simplicity. This is actually meant ironically in that the world is not black-and-white and is full of complexity.

The intertwined male and female symbols in its centre expand on this theme. The fact that they are intertwined symbolizes the fluidity of gender. One is not always necessarily male or female. A person can be both, or neither, or sometimes one sometimes the other. Fluid. Non-binary.

This has always been but is just now becoming a reality to much of the world. This flag will remind them.”

In retaliation for this theft, Gavin McInnes put a foreign object up his bum.

The straight  pride movement in America is quite upset by this new adoption as they had created the flag for themselves. The LGBTQ decided to make it their own without any permission. Once again the gays have stolen what was not theirs.